[GeoStL] Re: FW: SLAGA CITO event for Earth Day - Sun Apr 20 - noon

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As usual, we already have plans for that day so wouldn't be able to 
participate, BUT ..  one place that struck me as really needing a CITO was the 
Wetlands up here off of Hwy 367.
A few weeks ago we were there looking at eagles and did "The Eagles Have 
Landed" GC1880R  
  and all thought it could benefit from a good clean-up -- especially the area 
under the highway heading over to Smallpox Island GC429D.  I know this is about 
as far from you as possible lol but it certainly could use some help. 

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  I talked with Herb at Watson Trail Park about our CITO event, and he 
suggested maybe Minnie Ha-Ha Park.  Highway 30 passes by above it, and there 
may be trash from passing cars.  We are going to go take a look at it some 
time, to see if there is much trash there.  If any of you have a different park 
you would like to suggest, feel free to do so.  The decision has not been made 


  In the mean time, I am beginning the process of looking for donations (food & 
prizes).  I will be modifying and sending the letter that Mariel gave me. 
(Thanks!)  If any of you have any connections to any company that might donate 
something, please let me know.



  Laura (purple)




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  I am organizing a SLAGA CITO event for Earth Day.  Our event will be on Sun 
Apr 20, starting at noon.  More details will be provided as they become 
available.  For now, however, I need to pick a location.  Have any of you 
noticed a park that really needs some CITO help?  I am taking suggestions.


  Laura (purple)

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