[GeoStL] Re: FREE High Quality Garmin Topo Maps for St. Louis Area

  • From: "Brad Myers" <bmyers88@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 03:51:30 -0500

I see that this works with the 60 x series, will this work with the regular
60? Does it work with all Garmin GPS (like the Legend)?
On 7/13/06, Jim Bensman <junkmailno@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> -
> Well after many hours of cursing, I finally figured out how to make maps
> for
> Garmin Mapsouce (sorry only works in Mapsource).
> So if you want some free topo maps (10 ft. contour interval), I am looking
> for testers.  They seem to work really well and I am impressed.
> The directions I used to create them are at:
> http://home.cinci.rr.com/creek/garmin.htm
> I am doing it slightly different and have it pretty well figured
> out.  Once
> you know what you are doing it is pretty easy to make a map.  All the
> tools
> to make the maps are free (it takes several) and all the data is free.
> The maps are really neat.  They are transparent so you see the map below
> when you are using them.  So you can see City Navigator AND the topo maps
> at
> the same time!  You can also turn off the topos if you want.  The only
> thing
> the maps contain are the topo lines and water features.  I have been
> trying
> to find data like springs, valley and mountain names, etc to add but no
> luck
> so far.  If anyone knows where I could get this kind of data, let me know.
> The maps themselves are much higher quality than TopoUSA. They are 24K
> quality.
> I have made them for most of the parks in the St. Louis Area.  My plan is
> to
> get more areas covered and expand the area.  Then I will post them on a
> sites that shares free maps.  I have tried them out and so far they work
> really well.  But I would like to have some others try them out.  Don't
> care
> how many-I am planning on giving them away.  I want to make sure they are
> working well.  I am also wondering how people like the levels the
> different
> contour lines show as I can adjust that.
> Besides the topos, I am also working on a set of trail maps that have
> transparent trails.  I have all the bike trails in Madison County and some
> other trails.  I will be adding more.  If anyone has some good quality
> track
> files of trails at parks, you can email me a mapsource or gpx file with
> the
> tracks and I will add them to the collection.  Just try to clean them up
> and
> if the trail has a name, name the track that.
> If someone wants topos for an area I do not have covered yet, just send me
> a
> mapsource file with four waypoints making the boundary of the area you
> want.
> That makes it pretty easy to create the file and add it to the set.
> If you want to try them out, send me an email and I will email you two
> files
> totally 3 megs.
> They are pretty easy to install (but to uninstall (why would you) you have
> to delete a key from the registry.)
> The first file is My Topos.zip
> Extract its content to:
> C:\Program Files\Garmin\My Topos\
> It is very important that you use this exact directory.  (There is a way
> around this by editing a file).  In C:\Program Files\Garmin\My Topos\
> there
> will be "My Topos.reg"  Double click on it and OK merging it to the
> registry.
> The second file is My Trails.zip
> Extract it to:
> C:\Program Files\Garmin\My Trails\
> Then double click on "My Trails.reg" and OK it merging with the registry.
> Then start mapsource and there will be map sets for My Topos and My Trails
> where you can select and upload the maps to your GPS.  In mapsource, you
> have to zoom down to 3 miles before the topos start to show their detail
> Let me know if you want to try them out and what you think of them.
> One thing I have not figured out is when you go to turn them off or on in
> the GPS, only :My Topos" shows up on the menu.  It turns both of or on.
> Jim Bensman
> "Nature Bats Last"
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