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Loved Jim White.
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  - It was a bunch of boy scouts shooting .22s. Nothing bigger at that range. 
They didn't seem to have the same kind of problems at the muzzle loader range. 
Part of the problem was that a fire road ran behind the range, and it just 
looked like it was something that was OK to be on. I suggested that they put up 
barriers and lots of yellow tape like you see at crime scenes across the road 
along with the fence and signs. That seemed to do the trick.

  I guess if that didn't work the next step would be to put one of those body 
outline things on the fire road to scare 'em off. Of if they were like that 
guy, attract them in so they could see what happened. Who knows?

  Like Jim White used to say on the radio: You can't fix stupid.

  Gale R. Nie wrote: 
    Just curious. What were you firing at the time?


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