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Hawthorn trail is the only area she mentioned. I got an email from the 5 G's 
and they got the same call today for their cache. I would call and talk to 
Hannah and ask her. I probably can place it tomorrow. I will let you know if I 


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  what area is being burned? I'm working lateish (word?) tomorrow & Friday and 
could possibly replace it for you. But it would be helpful if I knew where to 
NOT put it. I will have to call up all Babler WP locations too (thinking out 
loud...) so it won't be placed too close to another cache...


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  Eddies Picnic Friends cache has been around since 9/30/2001 when SLAGA had 
  their first annual picnic. Although the cache was placed in Babler after 
  Rockwoods determined that caching was not supportive of their plans for 
  Rockwoods Reservation, It still is the first cache hidden by the St. Louis 
  Area Geocachers Association.

  I received a call from Hannah (Oh look, a palindrome, like "pull up Hannah, 
  pull up!")
  Sorry, got sidetracked, anyhow she told me that the permit expired and that 
  we needed to remove the cache. I asked about extending the permit and she 
  replied that there was to be a controlled burn in that area and she 
  suggested moving it to another spot.

  It was so awesome there. So I have pulled the cache and temp disabled it. I 
  will move to another location and have Glenn change the coords so it will 
  remain in Babler. We just cannot let the historic caches die. Now to find a 
  great little spot for it. Any suggestions? Would some one else like to hide 
  it? It makes no difference to me. I was just the permit holder but the cache 
  belongs to SLAGA and everyone who caches.

  It is a large Tupperware container that I replaced the original Ammo box 
  when the State Parks first did their policy of No Ammo boxes. Now, they 
  allow them but I went out and bought the largest tupperware container I 
  could find to replace the large ammo box. It has received some good comments 
  on it's size.

  If no one wants to hide it in the next few days, I will head out and place 
  it along one of the many trails and apply for the permit.

  Brawny Bear
  1st President of SLAGA ( For those who didn't know :-) )

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