[GeoStL] Do you rember the picnic 2004

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I got this E-mail and went out and found this cache,it look like there was a
bunch of caches at this picnic. Do you guys rember doing a cache right at the
turn on to the old bridge. Up in a rock out croping. Are all of the caches at
this picnic still out there? Look like ther was 12 or more? I'm going to log it if I can find out more about it. Any one still have the other 11 waypoints. Kevin

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I think it was part of SLAGA picnic 2004 GCJ3RY All the name on the log
were at
the picnic. 5/8/04 There more noncacher have log,then cachers over the past 4 years. Kevin

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Had a question for you. Out in the State Park where the bridge went down due to a wrong way semi, there is a cache up a small rock incline. A group of friends of mine were out there and came upon it accidentally. They told me about it because they know I hunt. I went and found it by their directions but I couldn't find out the name of the cache or who put it out there. It is not on the "Map it" feature on geocaching.com. What info, if any, do you have about this cache?


Mike Robinson

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