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You are too funny! HA!:)

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because if you found a toolbox in the woods, you would just think it was
full of tools from a lost mechanic on a hike?


At 10:37 AM 11/7/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>I've never seen a clear tool box. Why are they OK if visibility is the
>real issue?
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>I don't think that is the problem.  I think the problem is you cannot see
>what is in it.  That is why the IL Dept of Natural Resources indicates
>they will likely require clear containers.
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>The problem is you called it an "ammo box." If you would have referred to
>it as a "water-proof metal container" he most likely would have had no
>reservations about you using it. Just as some people are uninformed as to
>what Geocaching is they also know nothing about firearms. Some are
>frightened by the very mention of guns or ammo. Just because that
>container at one time had bullets in it gives some people the willies. As
>you can probably tell I like to use "water-proof metal containers."
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>Last week I talked to Justin Hirsch who is the events coordinator for St.
>Louis County Parks. I inquired about any problems placing caches in county
>parks and told him I had talked to rangers at two different parks and they
>had no problems. He had never heard of Geocaching, but has a GPS, and I
>explained the process to him and gave him the GC.com website to review. He
>said it sounded like a very reasonable use of the park land wanted to talk
>it over and would get back with me.
>I'm working on a cache at one of the parks and talked to the ranger there
>who knew about geocaching and welcomed the caches in the park. I told him
>my idea and the final cache would be an ammo box. He had concerns about
>that and suggested I call Justin for the approval.
>I just talked to Justin today and he said the county parks would welcome
>the caches as long as ammo boxes are NOT used. Tupperware, micros, even
>tool boxes are OK. Then, to my surprise, he suggested conducting a program
>in conjunction with the Parks dept. on using a GPS and geocaching for the
>public. He wondered where they could get enough GPS's for hands on use so
>that's where I put in a plug for SLAGA and said we would be glad to
>It would probably be held at Queeny Park since they have the indoor center
>and there are several caches already there. He said they are working on
>their schedules now and would get back to me soon so we could set up
>something to fit their schedule.

St. Louis, Mo

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