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because if you found a toolbox in the woods, you would just think it was full of tools from a lost mechanic on a hike?


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I've never seen a clear tool box. Why are they OK if visibility is the real issue?
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I don't think that is the problem. I think the problem is you cannot see what is in it. That is why the IL Dept of Natural Resources indicates they will likely require clear containers.
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The problem is you called it an "ammo box." If you would have referred to it as a "water-proof metal container" he most likely would have had no reservations about you using it. Just as some people are uninformed as to what Geocaching is they also know nothing about firearms. Some are frightened by the very mention of guns or ammo. Just because that container at one time had bullets in it gives some people the willies. As you can probably tell I like to use "water-proof metal containers."

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Last week I talked to Justin Hirsch who is the events coordinator for St. Louis County Parks. I inquired about any problems placing caches in county parks and told him I had talked to rangers at two different parks and they had no problems. He had never heard of Geocaching, but has a GPS, and I explained the process to him and gave him the GC.com website to review. He said it sounded like a very reasonable use of the park land wanted to talk it over and would get back with me.

I'm working on a cache at one of the parks and talked to the ranger there who knew about geocaching and welcomed the caches in the park. I told him my idea and the final cache would be an ammo box. He had concerns about that and suggested I call Justin for the approval.

I just talked to Justin today and he said the county parks would welcome the caches as long as ammo boxes are NOT used. Tupperware, micros, even tool boxes are OK. Then, to my surprise, he suggested conducting a program in conjunction with the Parks dept. on using a GPS and geocaching for the public. He wondered where they could get enough GPS's for hands on use so that's where I put in a plug for SLAGA and said we would be glad to participate.

It would probably be held at Queeny Park since they have the indoor center and there are several caches already there. He said they are working on their schedules now and would get back to me soon so we could set up something to fit their schedule.



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