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At 03:28 PM 8/28/2003, Dave Keiser wrote:

Nancy, I'm not sure if I can help--I just started working with the Mo Dept of Conservation. From what the folks in the Central Missouri region (columbia office) tell me, I have to contact each land manager for each specific conservation area.

That is correct. Each land manager has to be contacted for their area.

Their website ( www.conservation.state.mo.us ) shows the regions broken down into counties so it should be easy to figure out with region oversees which county. I simply call the regional office and ask them for the contact info for each land manager and then call them (sometimes a very hard thing to find them in their office!!).

http://www.conservation.state.mo.us/areas/ I found the map with some of this info on it. A call to the district should point ya in the right direction.

They require you to fill out a 'Special Use Permit' and grant them on a case by case basis. So far I have one permit, but haven't placed the cache yet. I have a few other permits in the works. (red tape)
From what I could tell, they all seem to be aware of Geocaching and are helpful, yet you can tell they are a little reserved about it. They like getting people to their areas, but geocaching doesn't really fit within their stated 'mission'.

I hope that helps, but I'm sure others can chime in with more...

Dave (fullquiver)

On Thursday, August 28, 2003, at 02:54 PM, TKLNHL wrote:

Are there any names I can drop in getting permission to place a cache on Conservation land?

My husband had talked with the soon-to-retire guy last month. He said that he knows there are caches out there but that as far as he knows no one has ever asked him for permission . He's out of Sullivan -- which used to cover our south-eastern area of Gasconade County.

From what I've learned over the last month or so is that they are going to a County office system instead of more of a regional office.

I have a call in to Jeff Demand in Linn, MO. Sullivan is pretty sure he covers the Gasconade are,a but, Columbia isn't so sure ... The lady answering the phones in Linn has only worked there a month and thinks he probably does but has never heard of one of the places I'm asking about (can't tell you either it's a secret ..) We don't want to just place something out there since we know one area is wildlife management area with foodplots etc. Another person in that office is Jennifer ...?

Could anyone suggest or have the names of other agents they have worked with? Perhaps point out some well-done caches on Conservation land that I might be able to use as an example?

NHL of TKLNHL and Kyd


---------------- Glenn

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