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  • From: "TKLNHL" <sydstyr@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 13:59:49 -0500

I wanted to let you guys know that I've run into a very accommodating Area
supervisor out of Linn, MO, who is sending me a special use permit for 1
cache to be placed in a conservation area in Gasconade County.   We have
ideas for two different areas but, even after talking with someone,  there
is STILL some confusion as to who is in charge of the second area we're
looking at.

Contrary to many things I have read, this Supervisor  seems  exceptionally
friendly and accommodating.  We just  went over the permit with me and
included many of the things that Geocaching.com already has in place --
cache maintenance, giving "warning" to cachers concerning other area uses:
hiking, hunting etc. not wanting to or being able to accept responsibility
for the physical cache and content  due to flood, burns, area maintenance
etc. He was even concerned about the cache being disturbed by people who
might "just like to do things like that."

I am impressed with this guy. He claims  he is aware of and has heard of
geocaching yet has not "researched" it. Yet  his Geocache specific permit
sounds like it will cover all bases!   I will be happy to provide a copy of
it to "you all" for reference etc when it comes in.  My "regret" is that we
will have the permit for only ONE cache right now. The area is large enough
to support more than one and is rural enough that a couple would make a trip
more worth while, but I didn't want to push my luck.

Also, since this is somewhat of a first,  I'm thinking that I don't want to
make it overly difficult so that HE can't easily find it, yet I hope that
when we do get it up that you experts would be able to find the cache, then
enjoy the area hiking the field roads. At this point we're looking at about
a 3/4 - 1 mile roundtrip walk from parking to cache and back with a bit
(150-200ft) of an elevation change.  Any thoughts on this?

Our goal is to get this one and a couple of others going so a rural caching
day would be worth your while.

Which leads me to another question and it gets into the "virtual" area.
I can actually  understand no Virtual at a place like the Science Center
just to have one there unlesss it worked into somethuing they ahd to
offer -- but -- what about a small town virtual that might show you a
building or series of buildings significant to the history of that town (the
tanks are either not existent or not accessible  LOL) like in Hermann, MO. .
While it might not be the most awe-inspiring cache -- is a Virtual based on
the theory of  "There Ain't One Here" (really NOT a flame on that cache --
which we liked very much!) but this place is on the way to another one
acceptable, yes? no? not at all? (I had actually been thinking of something
along the lines of that Church cache in Columbia using other buildings
before the Church guy did his..)

What about 1 cache being a set of coordinates in small towns along a blue
highway -- all having something in common, yet nothing physical is able to
be left on the property?

I'll shut up now and go get my kid from school ..


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