[GeoStL] Re: Congrats xitaqua!!!

  • From: "Susan Ring" <susanmring@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 17:58:05 -0500

Very, very good, Marcos, we're all proud of you.  Thanks for the mention, too.  
Coming to the picnic?


  Everyone here probably has other hobbies besides Geocaching (gasp! other
  hobbies!). One of mine is Toastmasters, the group that is dedicated to
  teaching members to imprive their public speaking skills. Every Fall and
  Spring, Toastmasters holds a couple of contests at various levels. Today, I
  attended an Area contest, for people who had already won at the club level.

  I am pleased to report that one of our own SLAGA members did very well in
  the contest - speaking about Geocaching! The contest was for humorous
  speeches, and Marcos Chu (Geocaching ID: xitaqua) told the audience funny
  stories about Geocaching and Geocachers -- he mentioned poison ivy and bug
  spray, and the danger that we go through to get a keychain or other trinket.
  The audience was having a ball! Marcos was even dressed for the part with
  his hiking shoes and pack full of Geocaching "stuff". In his speech, he
  mentioned RockSusan, Purple and BrawnyBear (I'd ask xitaqua for royalties,
  if I were you!).

  Marcos won second place, which means he'll be taking his Geocaching speech
  to the Division level in a few weeks, and then hopefully to the district
  level. In addition, he came in first place in the Table Topics contest for
  his area - contestants are asked a question, and have to think on their feet
  to come up with a reasonable and organized answer. The contests are open, so
  when I find out when and where it is, I'll post it here.

  Congratulations, Marcos - and good luck!!!

  Babara (missourimule)

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