[GeoStL] Condition of cache area

  • From: Jjbusk2@xxxxxx
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 18:54:37 EST

Hello all.
Although I seldom have anything to say here, I read what everyone else says.
Recently I did a few caches. I was disturbed at the condition of the cache 
It looked like some hundred lb. turkeys were in the area. In one area big 
slabs of rocks were pulled out and turned over. Some were pushed down the hill. 
Another area the rocks were pulled out from under a man made object and left 
laying around. I feel that  some of the people who give us permission to hide 
caches  would deny us this privilege if they would see the havoc some of us 
left behind .
I know that talking to the people who frequent this e-mail site is like 
preaching to the choir.
What to do? I am sure that some of you people can come up with better ideas. 
My thought is to stress on  EVERY cache page that everyone leaves the cache 
area in as natural a condition as possible. What are your thoughts? 
Believe me I am not a "tree hugger". But I do think this problem needs to be 
addressed as our ranks swell.
John (Talks Funny)

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