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I found the following on GPSFIX.net blog:

1.      Before buying one of these to use in a geocache, cache owners should be 
aware that the announcement of this product caught the folks at Groundspeak 
TOTALLY flat footed. Garmin provided no prior warning. Groundspeak has very 
quickly reviewed this gadget, and based partly on the fact that the receivers 
are sole sourced (only certain Garmin handheld GPS units can receive and 
understand the content of a Chirp transmission), have arrived at the following 
compromise in their use. Per Jeremy hisself...

"Garmin didn't tell us about this product. We only became aware of it, by 
accident, two days prior to the public announcement."

and per Groundspeak, the following will apply as of this morning:

Here is the current plan:

1. A new attribute for a "beacon" will be added soon. Any caches that use a 
Chirp (or any future similar device) should use this attribute.
2. If a cache owner puts a beacon in a traditional cache and geocachers have an 
alternative method to find it without using the beacon, then OK. I remind you 
to use the coming attribute.
3. If the cache owner insists on not providing an alternative means of finding 
the geocache, it must be listed as a mystery with the beacon attribute.
4. Cache descriptions may mention the "Chirp" as long as the text doesn't go on 
and on with "overtones of advertising, marketing, or promotion" as per our 
long-standing commercial guidelines.
5. We do not plan to add a new cache type just for this.

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That's a pretty pricey piece of hardware to plonk down in a cache, let alone in 
each stage of multi...


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This looks interesting, but will cachers appreciate the time, effort, and $ 
that an owner puts into using it?  Anyone know of a Chirp being used with a 


-Tracy of MutherAndSun

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