[GeoStL] Re: Caching in the City on Saturday

  • From: Joe Taylor <rockey_f_squirrell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 10:48:06 -0700 (PDT)

I am planning on getting out to STL very early on Sat Morning.  I do not know 
yet what I am gonna try.  Starting with centering along My Birthday Cache (I 
already got that - but day got cut short) so  gonna continue where I left off.
I know this may sound different.  I want to try getting 100 Traditionals first 
(no not in one day), then once I get 100 tradiontionals, concentrate on ONLY 
Multis until that racks up to 100,  then Mystery, and so on.
Just something I can actaully feel good when I have 100 actuall container 
caches, and not just a number with my name.  I know it will take a while (will 
take me into winter) but it is a challenge for me.
Once winter comes, I can get others that I was intimidated by Thorn bushes form 
before (and It takes a lot to discourage me, but there are some out there)

Sarah Chisholm <crowesfeat30@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For those who might be interested: I've got a little city caching expedition 
planned for this Saturday (8-13). So far it's myself, Strider & Lancelot going. 
This is the list of caches planned:
1. ST6--Reservoir Park; GCG3ZP; Micro; 2.5/1
2. HIDE AND SEEK GCJQBE; Multi Micro; 2/1
3. A Trip Back in Time; GCJJ5D; Multi Micro; 3/1.5
4. City Museum Virtual; GCE2C1; Virtual; 1.5/1
5. Campbell's Cache; GCKP20 ; Micro; 1/1
6. For Those Who Gave All; GCQ0CQ; Small; 1/1.5
7. Nothing in the Middle; GCQ0CF; Micro; 1/1
8. G-O BUSCH; GC7E99; Micro; 2.5/1
9. No News Like Old News; GCQ0CP; Micro; 1/1
10. fenced in... well, maybe not; GCQ0CE; Unknown; 1/1
11. McKinley Bridge; GCG44H; Regular; 2/1.5
12. Heap Big Rock; GCJ3M2; Micro; 1/1
13. Control Freak; GCQ0CC; Micro; 1/1
14. Hooked on Downtown ; GCQ0CB ; Micro; 1/1
15. Old Saint Lou; GCK5DR; Small; 2/1
16. St. Louis Arch Virtual Cache; GC7ED; Virtual; 3/1
17. The Mighty Miss; GCK5EB; Small; 3/2.5

18. How Do You Spell Kache; GCGYK9; Multi Regular; 3/2.5
19. A Rock of a Different Color; GCPR9C; Micro; 2.5/2.5
20. Jayhawk Fun!; GCMNQD; Unknown; 3.5/1
21. Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?; GCJXY1 ; Puzzle Regular; 3/1.5
22. Moving Cache; GC1D0F; Multi Regular; 2/2
23. Who Wears Quad Pants; GCH59K; Web-Cam; 3.5/1
We haven't set a time & place to meet up yet so unless someone else has a 
better idea, how about meeting at ST6--Reservoir Park around 9:00 am and going 
on from there. If anyone wants to join either post here or just show up. It 
would probably be better to let me know if you're coming, though, so you don't 
get left behind. My cell phone # is 314 315-1545 (yep, that's a new number for 
those who had my number before).
Sarah (Crowesfeat30)

Joe Taylor 
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