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Complicated question.  Maybe RGS has a simpler answer.  As far as I know, this 
applies only to the Al Foster Trail, and then only to the parts that are marked 
as being within a county park.  For example, there are sections of the Al 
immediately east and west of Sherman Beach which are in Sherman Beach County 
Park.  Those are county and no permit is required.  But at some point, you 
a sign that says "entering Castlewood."  At that point, it becomes state park.  
Note that I have no idea who actually maintains the Al Foster itself. It's a 
joint venture among county, state and (IIRC) Meramec Greenways.

But certainly, the "developed" part of Castlewood (anything east of the point 
where the RR tracks and the Meramec River pinch off the Stinging Nettle Loop 
trail) is state.  The Al Foster stops at the "pinch", which is technically 
closed due to RR restrictions.  Or, at least, it was the last time I was out 

The same thing applies on the south side of the river on the Chubb trail.  The 
east and west ends are in Lone Elk and West Tyson county parks.  The middle 
section, including the large section in the "bend" of the river, is undeveloped 
Castlewood and is state.  I suspect things are a little murkier (if that's 
possible) on this side.  Unlike the Al Foster, I've never seen any signage 
indicating joint control of the Chubb.

At least, that's the way I understand it.  YMMV.  And RGS may well know better 


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Isn't castlewood maintained by the county? If so, no permit is needed. RGS 


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On Oct 27, 2011, at 2:45 PM, Tom Wolpert <tom_wolpert@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>The Missouri State Park SUP is not generally available online.  This is mostly 
>because the way the SUP is used varies by park, according to the preferences 
>the land manager.  Your best bet is to either call or, better yet, visit the 
>park office and talk to the person in charge.  
>If you just want to see an example, I think Strider might have one.  Contact 
>off-list.  But you're still going to have to deal with the individual land 
>manager at some point.  So you  might as well just start there.
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>I am trying to find the form to request permission to place a cache at 
>Castlewood State Park.  I tried the link on gln page but it looks like the 
>is no longer good.  I  also tried the state park web site with no luck.  Can 
>one help?  

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