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No, Castlewood is a state park, but part of it is on the other side of the 
river and blends in with Lone Elk. So we treat the Lone elk side as County 
parks so no permit required 

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Isn't castlewood maintained by the county? If so, no permit is needed. RGS 


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  The Missouri State Park SUP is not generally available online.  This is 
mostly because the way the SUP is used varies by park, according to the 
preferences of the land manager.  Your best bet is to either call or, better 
yet, visit the park office and talk to the person in charge.  

  If you just want to see an example, I think Strider might have one.  Contact 
him off-list.  But you're still going to have to deal with the individual land 
manager at some point.  So you  might as well just start there.


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  I am trying to find the form to request permission to place a cache at 
Castlewood State Park.  I tried the link on gln page but it looks like the link 
is no longer good.  I  also tried the state park web site with no luck.  Can 
any one help?  


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