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Having a statement like cache is missing could keep others from searching for 
it even though you may have posted a note saying it is still there. I agree 
with everyone else, I would delete it with an email explaining it is still 
there and since it is then they really didn't find it. If I could log all the 
DNF's I've ever had then my numbers would be about 15 or 20 higher than they 
are. If it was actually missing then it would be a little different. I just 
feel like if you didn't have the container in hand then you didn't find it. 
Someone needs to write a book on caching etiquit.

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  Maybe the following...


  Send them an email - After I saw your log that stated the cache was missing, 
I went to check it out. The cache was where I placed it. The log will be 
deleted to give you a chance to locate the actual cache and sign the log book. 
If you need any additional hints please let me know.





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  Does one have the right to delete a log if the person stated quote "Found 
this one but cache was missing. Seems to be a very busy area."


  This was logged as a find.  We checked this cache last night and yes it is 


  How would you deal with this?







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