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This relates specifically to events.  Current guidelines prohibit events whose sole purpose is group geocaching.  Events such as the ones coming up at Rend Lake and Strawberry Creek always have a non-geocaching component.  In SLAGA-land, this usually means that food is involved :-D  The same thing is true of MOGA, which features a lot of activities other than geocaching.
I gather that the proposal at hand would allow this type of event, perhaps under a new cache type.  Sounds like the main difference might be that you would not be able to log a "find" for this new event type.  Makes sense since the whole purpose of the event would be group caching.

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I am relatively new to caching.. how is this different than things I see posted in this area with SLAGA, MOGA etc? Or is it all a matter of how it is worded etc?

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Cache Hunts Trial

The Ontario team will be trialing the publication of cache hunts, events solely for the purpose of gathering cachers together to go geocaching. The trial will take place November and December. In January we will be discussing either adapting the existing guidelines to allow these types of events, or to create a new cache type. If we opt for a new cache type, we will be considering whether or not to award a smiley for attending a hunt.

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