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I'm now really curious about what is in Edmond, OK that is so WORTH blowing 
up that the local law enforcement seems to think it is going  to BE blown 
up.  This isn't some federal "undisclosed location" that the locals aren't 
being made aware of is it?

Plus, ..  this is the  SECOND incident in the last year. This totally 
cracks  me up. Can you imagine  the radio chatter?

"Pipe Bomb by  the  church."
"Let's go blow  it up"
"Now, hang on Fred,  remember that other incident turned out to be one of 
100 of them geo-caches that are hidden around  here."
"That was the LAST one, what's the chance that there could be ANOTHER 
geo-cache? This HAS to be the real   deal."
"Won't we look  foolish if  it's NOT a bomb containing enough C4 to  make  a 
military grade hand grenade look like a snap and pop"
(Which brings me to ask all you  military types -- is there such a thing as 
a  NON military  grade hand  grenade? Under what circumstances would an 
average,  non military person need a  hand grenade? Perhaps I'm just naive)

I appreciate the state  of Oklahoma's  history  and diligence in 
investigating bomb  calls, I'm wondering about their efficiency. " Two 
explosives technicians, four patrol officers and one supervisor    ...(and) 
the bomb squad's investigative robot"  blew this cache up  and STILL 
"Inside, officers found a spiral notebook, plastic toys, an Oklahoma rose 
rock and a card identifying Surtees' caching name, "Okie Rose Rocks."
Based on this,  I'm thinking the Kyd would LOVE  to cache in Oklahoma. We've 
yet to "trade" for a geocache trinket that doesn't  fall apart on  the walk 
back to the car, much  less withstand being blown up by  a  bomb  squad. 
Their Dollar Stores must not be getting their product from the same source 
that ours do.  Either that or Okie Rose  is missing her  calling and should 
be ebaying her super industrial, bomb-resistant  geocache containers.

I also liked that they called  geocaching a "sport".

I also think that  based on the amount of times I used the word "bomb" in 
this  email there could possibly be someone on their way to my house right 
now from that  undisclosed room in that AT&T office building out in Earth 
City. But I could be a little paranoid.


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> -
> I read the full article about Diane and the Edmund OK incident on our 
> website and I have to ask a simple question...
> Never in any of these bomb squad call outs does it mention that they tried 
> to contact the land manager 1st to see if it was something they knew 
> about. It always goes from responding to exploding. It would make more 
> sense to me to secure the area, contact the land manager and then call it 
> a day without incident. It seems they want to explode it and use the robot 
> and do what they are trained to do rather than making a simple phone call.
> I dunno... Am I missing something?
> Mike


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