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On gc.com pull up all the caches for the state of Missouri.  Click on the blue 
ribbon.  That will now list the caches and the number of favorite points they 
have garnered from cachers that have found that particular cache.  

You can only vote for a cache once you have logged it as found. And thankfully 
you can only vote for a particular cache once.   This is another good way for 
cachers short on time when going to a new area or state to find caches that 
others have voted as a favorite.  Could be a hide, a container, a spectacular 
view that garnered the vote.  

Gredgeman has a challenge cache for finding all of the top 10 caches listed, as 
of the day you opt in for the challenge that is:  http://coord.info/GC2P7ZQ.


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Where can this list be found? Thanks.

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CONGRATULATIONS to John and Laurie - (LFrank and Denmother). 

Their cache "I'm so confused"  is now sitting at number TEN for the MOST 
FAVORITED caches placed in the whole state of Missouri! Whoo Hoo!!!


If you haven't done this cache http://coord.info/GC15R7J you are missing out on 
an awesome cache container/hide.  Take the whole family with you, you'll be 
glad you did!    Seek and you shall find, on second thought, maybe not.  Good 
luck, you're gonna need it cacher.  


Jim & Susie






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