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  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 21:38:47 -0500

One of those days.. By all means add the S.



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  I think the link should be Nominations.html. I get an error on 
http://www.griffweb.com/SLAGANomination.html but add the S and it opens up, 
unless that's the old page.

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    Subject: [GeoStL] Best Cache List II

    OK.. Having thought through this, I have decided to add some new 
categories.. Since we have many caches across the state and the boundaries are 
not defined to well what SLAGA territory is, we will break it down as follows..

    Archived Caches
    Active Caches
    Caches in Columbia / Jeff City
    Caches in Rolla / Southern Missouri
    Virtual Caches

    See the form at (I promise this will be the last form on this..) 
    I apologize to those who have filled out the form previously..

    Thanks for taking the time to complete this all important survey. Remember, 
vote for as many or few of the categories as you like.
    Even if you have sent an email prior, please complete this all new form. It 
will make it a lot easier.. Voting will begin the week of Oct 12th and will end 
Oct 17th. So nominate those caches now!

    Thanks, now back to our rgerulaly scehdluedd pograrm... 

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