[GeoStL] Are You Hound Enough?

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Are You Hound Enough? (A Geocaching Competition)

Accumulate points by finding the “Are You Hound Enough?” geocaches. Most points

What Do You Need to Do?
When you log an “Are You Hound Enough?” geocache online, record the line number
on which you signed the log. If you do not list the line number, you will not
be awarded points.

Position: Position points are given by the line number on which you sign the
log. 20 points for the first line, 19 points for the second line, …, down to 1
point for the twentieth line.
Bonus: The first three finders receive bonus points based on the sum of the
terrain and difficulty ratings of the geocache. The First to Find receives two
times the sum of the terrain and difficulty ratings, Second to Find receives
the sum of the terrain and difficulty ratings, and Third to Find receives one
half the sum of the terrain and difficulty ratings. These points are in
addition to the Position Points.
Example: If you are First to Find on a 2.5/3 geocache, you receive 20 position
points and 11 bonus points for a total of 33 points.

More Rules
Points are awarded to caching names, not individuals. Points will be awarded to
only one caching name per line, so make sure you don’t sign the log on the same
line as another cacher. If two cachers sign on the same line, points will only
be awarded to the cacher that logs the geocache online first. Any disputes not
explicitly covered in these rules will be settled by us and all decisions will
be final.

The Geocaches
The geocaches are traditionals, multis, and mysteries. They are a variety of
terrains and difficulties. They are placed at a variety of directions and
distances from our home (at approximately I-44 and Grand Avenue) with a maximum
distance of 50 miles. They will be submitted for publication on a variety of
days and at a variety of times. The actual publication days and times will
depend on the reviewers. We will submit one “Are You Hound Enough?” geocache
per week for twenty weeks starting the week of April 26-May 2.

End of Series Event
There will be an event sometime in the fall to award prizes.

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