[GeoStL] Re: Archive this geocache?

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  • Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 00:35:27 -0500

I think the cache should be archived. No point in sending strangers into even 
stranger situations. That "anti-cacher" sounds like someone who might just stew 
over something like this and be come less and less cordial as he encounters 
even more people.  There have to be plenty of other places to put a cache in 
the area.  As a cacher you have to put a certan amount of trust into the hands 
of strangers -- to trust they have something fun to show you and not try to get 
you smacked around a bit    lol.. After that, I'd tend not to trust caches 
placed that person. 

Actually, we found one yesterday in Spearfish, SD that we think should be 
archived/moved or something. Found cache on one end of the bridge, crackpipe 
and crack on the other.  Now THAT'S a cache ..  I sent an email to the cache 
owner and haven't heard back yet. the logs for that cache indicate someone 
found a stash of pot at the end of July. We're fairly sure what we found was 
NOT pot .. The logs also indicate the cache keeps disappearing. Wonder why?? 

We've encountered several on this week's trip where said, "Oh right like 
there's permission to place cache HERE."

We've gained even more appreciation for SLAGA area caches after caching this 
week, When even *I* have a hard time coming up with a chatty, appreciative log 
-- you know they must be uninspired. 

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  Last week Geo Jim described a tense encounter with an unfriendly landowner 
while hunting the Chapman's Ball (GCKBKH) geocache. I was surprised at the lack 
of comments in this forum. My question is this: given the possibility that 
future visitors could be subjected to verbal abuse and even physical violence, 
doesn't it seem prudent to consider archiving this cache? I'd like to hear your 

  Know Future

  August 7 by Geo Jim (949 found)
  "Pretty easy find and a nice peaceful place. Thanks for the cache!
  One of the local landowners came by and told me how he doesn't much care for 
hunters on his land, people drinking back there and "geo-catchers". I just 
nodded and said, "Yeah.." at the right times. And thought of "Deliverance" as I 
tried to hide my 'Geocaching 101' tee shirt.."

  Note: this doesn't begin to describe the incident -- KF


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