[GeoStL] Re: Archive this geocache?

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I might be wrong, but I think lots of folks are in KC this weekend for the
KC group's picnic.  If this is true, then maybe you could try reposting the
issue when they get back.  I read the log about this incident, and it
certainly did sound scary.  There's no way I would go look for a cache after
reading a log like that, even in a group hunt.  But then, I'm pretty chicken
in general.

If it were my cache, here's how I would think about it.   If I read a log
like this, left the cache active, and then later someone got into trouble, I
would feel responsible.  So I guess, my answer would be yes, archive it.

When I was setting up my ST-STP caches, I had an unpleasant encounter with a
local resident.  Since I was already working with a park ranger (in StP,
rangers are law enforcement just like the police), I mentioned it to him.
He had me do the whole police report thing and said they would try to find
the guy.  I had just wanted to check with the ranger and find out if there
had been any previous problems in the neighborhood.  He assured me this was
the first (I'm just lucky, I guess).  But if there had been a hint of any
potential for problems with the residents, I would have found another
location.  I don't know how helpful this little story is, because a suburban
city environment is nothing like a rural graveyard.  Getting law enforcement
involved would be a bad idea in the case of the cemetery cache.  I guess my
point is that it is a cache owner's responsibility to avoid exposing cachers
to any unnecessary or excessive danger.

My 2 cents.

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  Last week Geo Jim described a tense encounter with an unfriendly landowner
while hunting the Chapman's Ball (GCKBKH) geocache. I was surprised at the
lack of comments in this forum. My question is this: given the possibility
that future visitors could be subjected to verbal abuse and even physical
violence, doesn't it seem prudent to consider archiving this cache? I'd like
to hear your thoughts.

  Know Future

  August 7 by Geo Jim (949 found)
  "Pretty easy find and a nice peaceful place. Thanks for the cache!
  One of the local landowners came by and told me how he doesn't much care
for hunters on his land, people drinking back there and "geo-catchers". I
just nodded and said, "Yeah.." at the right times. And thought of
"Deliverance" as I tried to hide my 'Geocaching 101' tee shirt.."

  Note: this doesn't begin to describe the incident -- KF


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