[GeoStL] Re: Advice, suggestions, handouts - Caching with New Girl Scouts

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  • Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 09:42:38 -0800 (PST)

I've done this with both Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts.  A couple of tips 
specifically for the outing:
1) If the girls are of an age where "treasure" is an incentive, pick full-sized 
caches.  And be sure to give swag for trade to each participant before you 
2) The day before the outing, check to be sure that all the caches you plan to 
use are present, in good shape, and don't contain objectionable material.
3) If participants are very young, consider using temporary caches placed 
specifically for the outing -- and very closely spaced.
4) If you will have so many participants that you have to break up into 
groups, make sure the adults understand and will enforce the rules.  For 
example, I had one of the Cub Scouts make off with the log book as a trade 
Also, make sure to give one adult in each group a cheat sheet with enough info 
to guarantee finding every cache.
5) Have all coordinates pre-loaded.  If at all possible, use the same model 
for every group.  That simplifies the initial instructions.
6) Groups of 3-4 usually work well. Groups need to be small enough that each 
paricipant gets to "drive" to at least one cache.  

7) Depending on the number of groups, you may need to work out the logistics 
(and maybe add some caches to list) to avoid the "conga line" phenomenon at the 
8) Make sure to adhere to all the youth protection rules.  Cub/Boy Scouts are 
protective, but the Girl Scouts make the BSA look positively careless.  There 
was even some question as to whether or not the use of geocaching.com by the 
girls was appropriate.  

There will eventually be a geocaching training course (for adult 
volunteers) available from the GSEM training staff.  SLAGA contributed a lot of 
material in early 2011.  I was originally told that it would be available in 
January, 2012.  However, I just heard that it will not be available until 
November, 2012. So don't count on that as a resource.


From: Owen Curtis <owen.curtis@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [GeoStL] Advice, suggestions, handouts - Caching with New Girl Scouts

Advice, suggestions, handouts?
I am going to take 8 – 10 girls scouts caching in Queeny Park with two other 
parents.  This will probably be in March or April, and most will be caching for 
the first time.  I recall reading something here about a handout that someone 
had used before with girl scouts.  Any advice (like stay away from the WTWWTW 
caches and choose a short nickname if you get a geocaching account) or 
suggestions would be appreciated as I value the thoughts of those with 
experience in this area.
Thank you.
Owen, aka WTWWTW

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