[GeoStL] "Above It All" cache needs repair

  • From: "Jack Konecker" <jackkonecker@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 11:59:33 -0500

The following was sent to SLAGA:
> This is geocacher Memkin from Camby, IN.
> I was geocaching in Missouri while visiting
> relatives July 4th weekend and I found the
> cache MO's Above It All ( GCHEGB).  This is
> still one of the best caches that I have found.  I was
> looking through the logs and it appears that it has
> become damaged and has stayed that way for
> some time.  It probably needs to be replaced.
> The park is near South County.  The cache could
> probably be adopted by someone in your group if the
> owners are no longer interested.  If no one is interested
> in fixing it I would be willing to replace it next time in
> am in St. Louis, but I cannot take ownership because
> of where I live.  Could you please look into this and
> let me know. 

MO's Above it All 
Placed by: keistoj & Brado 
Placed: January 2004
Location:  Cliff Cave Park
Placer Profile: 
keistoj:  Teacher;  13 finds;  1 hide
Cache Page: 

According to the logs, the cache has been in need
of repair for Since mid-August.  It also seems
to have been moved from its original location.
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