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Dear GeneralPediatrics.com Patrons,

Since 1998, GeneralPediatrics.com (http://www.generalpediatrics.com) served as a browseable index of all general pediatric information on the Internet.

As technology has changed from the browseable Web to the searchable Web, GeneralPediatrics.com has now been updated. We are offering a streamlined digital library that highlights searching, communicating and learning resources for health care professionals and patients and families.

Providing quick and easy access to quality health care resources that can teach, illuminate and inspire is always our commitment and we will continue to find the best information on the pediatric Internet for you.

We hope you like the updated GeneralPediatrics.com. As always we encourage your comments and suggestions, at http://www.generalpediatrics.com/Comment.html

Donna M. D'Alessandro, M.D.
Curator, GeneralPediatrics.com

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