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Dear Patrons,

Since our last newsletter 40 new links have been added to GeneralPediatrics.com.

For Professionals:

1. The American Association of Poison Control Centers has 14 guidelines on out-of-hospital treatment for different ingestions.

American Association of Poison Control Centers - Patient Care Guidelines

2.From the Centers for Disease control come updated guidelines for HIV treatment and Vaccines. Additionally, information about the recent E. coli outbreaks can be found on the E. coli information page.

CDC - Pediatric HIV Treatment Guidelines
http://www.aidsinfo.nih.gov/Guidelines/GuidelineDetail.aspx? MenuItem=Guidelines&Search=Off&GuidelineID=8&ClassID=1%5D

CDC - E. coli

CDC - Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)

For Patients:

1. The Pediatric Advisor, an extensive listing of patient education materials in English and Spanish is now available at the Children's Physician Network.

Pediatric Advisor

2. JAMA has published several patient pages that are pediatric-related.
JAMA publishes the patient pages several weeks after they appear in print on the Medem website for free. This is why you may note a few week delay in listing them on GeneralPediatrics.com.

JAMA - Atrial Septal Defects
http://www.medem.org/search/article_display.cfm?path=\\TANQUERAY \M_ContentItem&mstr=/M_ContentItem/ZZZQ96WXKWE.html&soc=JAMA/ Archives&srch_typ=NAV_SERCH

JAMA - Cerebral Palsy
http://www.medem.com/search/article_display.cfm?path=\\TANQUERAY \M_ContentItem&mstr=/M_ContentItem/ZZZLCN8TAND.html&soc=JAMA/ Archives&srch_typ=NAV_SERCH

JAMA - Acute Abdominal Pain
http://www.medem.com/search/article_display.cfm?path=\\TANQUERAY \M_ContentItem&mstr=/M_ContentItem/ZZZC9X75TTE.html&soc=JAMA/ Archives&srch_typ=NAV_SERCH

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Donna M. D'Alessandro, M.D.
Curator, GeneralPediatrics.com

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