[gender-it] games women play

  • From: "Sonja van Kerkhoff" <Sonjak@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 19:36:04 +0200

>Thanks, Sonja.
>interesting article also at 
>reproduced below. The article mentions Sims: which other games are 
>popular among women, and why? Lots of people don't care for 
>shoot-em-ups, but what is the alternative. Me, I play card games and 
>pinball. Definitely old fashioned.

>Teich and Yap say the industry doesn't have to be so male-oriented. They 
>cite the success of "The Sims," a decidedly nonviolent role-playing 
>game, as proof that tapping into the women's market means big bucks.

interestingly i read an article in the Independent yesterday (I was in London) 
where an 11 year old girl 
was cited as saying that Sims was her ideal of beauty because of all the 
characters and rooms and buildings she could build. I don't have Sims, but the 
article showed a shot of a room full of decorations and dolls, etc.

thanks for the article Arun

regards, Sonja

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