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An exploration of feminisms and technologies by the Canadian Women=B9s =
Studies Association and the Consortium for Computers in the Humanities =
(COCH/COSH) at the 2005 HSSFC=B9s Annual Congress =
Call for Works:=20
TechnoFeminisms: New Cultural Mediations
Abstract Deadline: December 15, 2004
Even before Donna Haraway identified connectivity as the key to =
women=B9s liberation from the tyranny of patriarchal structures and the =
cyberfeminist collective VNS Matrix identified the clitoris as the =
direct line to the matrix, feminist artists and critics have been =
searching for ways of using technology to speak outside of the expected =
parameters of well-behaved bodies, restrictive language and linear =
ideas. We seek (post)feminist art, works or performances that use =
technology to explore the new cultural mediations of our information =
age. We are looking for pieces that expand the boundaries of art, =
gender, bodies, interactivity, networks, media, technology and/or =
criticism rather than traditional academic papers.
The Canadian Women's Studies Association, founded in 1982, is a =
bilingual, pan-Canadian, feminist association. Its members are Women's =
Studies faculty and students, as well as policy researchers and =
community activists. The goals of the CWSA are to build a Women's =
Studies network across Canada, and to promote Women's Studies as an =
interdisciplinary field within the academic community.
The Consortium for Computers in the Humanities/Le Consortium pour =
ordinateurs en sciences humaines is a Canada-wide association of =
representatives from Canadian colleges and universities that began in =
1986. Our objective is to foster communications about, and sharing of, =
information technology developed by Canadian institutions for the =
betterment of post-secondary education across Canada. COCH/COSH=B9s =
participation in the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of =
Canada=B9s (HSSFC) annual Congress is designed to promote humanities =
computing research and scholarship across Canada and internationally. =
Our theme for the 2005 Congress will be "The Networked Citizen: New =
Contributions of the Digital Humanities," and will place special =
emphasis on connections between humanities computing and other fields. =
It will take place at the University of Western Ontario from May 29-31, =
Paper and/or session proposals will be accepted in English or French =
until December 15, 2004. Please note that all presenters must be members =
of COCH/COSH at the time of the conference.
Abstracts/proposals should include the following information: title of =
work/performance, author's name(s); complete mailing address, including =
email; institutional affiliation and rank, if any, of the author; =
statement of need for audio-visual or other equipment. Proposals should =
be 300 to 500 words long, and give a clear sense of what the work will =
involve. Please be sure to mark your submission as being for the =
=8CTechnoFeminisms=B9 portion of the conference.=20
Proposals will be accepted electronically via the conference web site: =
but any supporting materials (jpegs, mp3s, weblinks, etc.) and inquiries =
should be emailed directly to: carolyn.guertin@xxxxxxxxxxx
Carolyn Guertin, PhD
Senior McLuhan Fellow
McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology
University of Toronto
39A Queen=B9s Park Crescent
Toronto Canada M5S 2C3
voice: 416-928-0196
fax: 416-978-5324
email: carolyn.guertin@xxxxxxxxxxx
website: http://www.ualberta.ca/~cguertin/

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