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   * I think we need some ideas for some practical ideas. What will we
do? Is it the Women-in-independent-media-summer camp?
Women.indymedia.org? A documentary about women in different sections of
activism? (PGA women have published a wonderful booklet like that). ...?

dear anna, dear clara, dear Libby, dear all

I write to say everything that the mail of anna, clara and libby make come
myself in mind.
Above all I should revolt my esteem for the input that come also from the
invitation of Lize and I should thank anna, clara and Libby for the
exchanges of ideas in chat and because these ideas (thanks Libby) were
translated in the introduction and in the topics of discussion for the
I am all right with a lot what said and is entirely in agreement with anna
because also I have a daughter.  She has now 18 years but when she was a
little girl was for me very difficult succeed to carry my problems of woman
in the political assemblies of every type, is for human matters that for
economical matters.  So I can stay with your son if you need it when you
have to do something. renounce willingly also to the repayment for my
journey if the money mama cash should arrive so anna can carry its son with
The price of my plane ticket is low thanks to the timeliness of lize (:)*)
that reserved it in time when I did not know not even thing could do
precisely to bruxelles.
Here the reason I can come from the Italy.
anyway I come for two different reasons. the first one is reported to the
fact that the organization of digitales is realizing a thing that I share
and to which am interested.
  The second reason is because i'd like that we'll continue to work together
to realize the first meeting of media- activists (how Lize said).
it would be able to be a Women-in-independent-media-summer camp and would be
able also to be women.indymedia.org.
I think a thing that pertains is the workshop to bruxelles that the sense of
an organization in activists women of net.
What I think part from my experience of woman that has not interest and
knowledge of the technical things but is interested to the use that does
some technology for communicate problems and battles that do themselves
daily in the political activity and in the life of all of the days.
It is therefore necessary to communicate that the technological knowledge
can be restored in the life of all of the days resolve the social solitude
and the marginalization of the women.
 the men have a different approach with the technology who consider as game,
experimentation and instrument of power. he is clearly that there are
particular cases in which the women and the men they do not correspond to
these outlines.
 also in our context, where the acquaintances with every person of every sex
would have to be shared, problems exist but for that regard the
communication of the technological acquaintances.
 many problems derive from attitudes that in great part already they have
been illustrates to you. a large problem derives from the fact that the used
language in order to explain and to share the acquaintance of the computer,
as an example, is difficult and technical.
 I meet many women who have need of a simple explanation above all and that
it is immediately referable to the usefullness that can some draw.
 they initially do not want to know as it is made a computer they do not
want to know who has invented the e-mail system and which are the
instruments that a technician uses in order to make to work it. to very many
women, above all to those of a generation that exceeds the 30 years of age,
it interests only how, as an example, using the e-mail and how can
have benefit.
 same I to the beginning did not have no interest to understand as a
computer program worked and the same computer.
 when I have learned with hard work that to know the computer it wants to
say also to know to fix it or to know to change a piece that it is broken
off avoiding to call and to pay a technician, when I have understood that to
know the way in which a program of e-mail (always as an example) it works
wants to say also that I can take part in order to change and to correct
something that does not go without having to buy something of new, then I
have had interest to understand more.
 I have been also a lot interested to the use of linux when I have
understood that practically it meant to fight the system of monopoly of the
microsoft and that this represented political means in order to fight
against this monopoly.
 in any case I have met with one difficulty. there are times in which the
men they have time little or little wants to communicate the own
acquaintance in simple way and practices to some times the same men does not
communicate it at all.
 although I have followed many workshop and a course of linux I have not
still installed linux in my computer why I do not trust myself same me and
why I do not have the time and the way of being able to chase someone in
order makes me to explain as the things are made.
 this depends above all on me, why there are many persons available here to
explain and to help when it serves. it depends for also on the fact that the
used language in order to communicate these acquaintances is mostly
technical and little comprehensible in my small experience of support to
women who indeed know a lot little of computer and uses it like if it were a
dangerous tool, has used a language that it made to appear the simpler
things and above all more neighbors to they. a language that made to mean
that  one was household-electric like many others and that in order to use
it servants something more to push a key in order to turn on and an other in
order to turn off.
 to render the language more comprehensible in order to communicate these
arguments could be a our objective for extending a support net beginning
from who can explain things of low level until women who can, like already
makes, to give support to higher levels, can be an other objective why what
I today understand the spiegher tomorrow to some woman whom he knows very
less than me.
 excused if I am saying things that sure you have already said in thousand
other occasions.
 I am trying beginning from to give to a contribution to the argument me and
from the things that I see regarding the women that information ask me.
 I ask you excuse for the mail therefore long but I have difficulty to
synthetize in English one what that demanded one explanation.

 anyway I am agree with clara that the topics  are not enough and I am
trying other arguments and of the links that they can complete what already
Libby has written in the wiki page.
 I have had to suspend this search why I have had to employ much time in the
argument of initiatives that are being organized here against a law that
pose again the problem of the negation of the self-determination of the
 hour I must go to an other reunion. I will continue to make this job
tomorrow or tonight if i can. I would want also to answer to the before
possible questionnaire for hour I run and I hope to see someone of you in
chat tomorrow.

bye :*

ps: babelfish is not good i think :)

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