[gender-it] Re: [GCA] Ideas and Questions about the activist meeting at Digitales in Brussels soon

  • From: clara <clara@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: anna <anna@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,genderchangers list <gca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 23:41:10 +0100

Dear Anna,

thanks a lot for this long mail.

For me this whole event still remains rather unclear and that's why I am 
kind of slow in reacting on it.

I am still not clear for example who the actual traget group is. Will it be 
mainly (french speaking) Belgium women who take part in the actual 
programme? And we use it for a brainstorming session outside the official 
programme? Are we now supposed to take over the organisation of the 
Indymedia workshop?


I liked the points that Anna raised as issues, and I would be glad to spend 
some hours talking about them.

Besides being interested in the specific situation of individual women in 
their specific groups, I would like t find out whether there are patterns 
or situations that tend to come up. What is are the difference between 
mixed groups that have little or no gender issues, and other that display 
everything feminists have been fighting against for ages?

I would like to find out how to get more and younger women involved when I 
am at the same time feel like running against brickwalls. Can I actually 
drag other women in that? Can I change things if I don't?

And as it keeps coming up again and again: how about women.indy as a topic 

So this are the top three issues on my list,

love and solidarity,

>Some questions that I would like to explore:
>    * How about an update of the questionnaire Blue Pi send around when
>she did that famous survey on gender  problems within indymedia? I will
>add the questions below, and you can find the result from the survey in
>november '01 here: http://germany.indymedia.org/2002/01/13720.shtml
>In Amsterdam I got some very angry replys during the indymedia panel
>when I referred to her findings that in indymedia there are  less women
>than in other activist groups as well as other tech environments. How
>are your experiences? What has changed, and why? Has it really?
>    * I am noticing in several IMC's around me (mainly central Europe)
>that the collectives are really quite young but there are some elder
>(mid-30s and above; yes, that is elder in indymedia ;) )women, and I'm
>noticing that more and more of us are leaving our collectives. I'm
>wondering about the similarities in this and I'd like to share the
>experiences. See my own statement about why I left IMC Germany:
>For those of you who'd like to read it and who are not subscribed to 
>imc-women please send me an email and I'll forward it to you.
>    * IMC  Germany has recently decided to ask someone to leave the
>collective and to unsubscribe from the lists. This person has been in
>conflict also with the imc-women's list one and a half years ago. This
>is not about blatant sexism, but rather about general ways of
>interaction. IMC Germany has spend a lot of time discussing and actually
>fighting and has produced a remarkable statement about minorities, male
>dominance and why they think they would like to not only be attracting
>" a monoculture of male techno-freaks in their 20s who are quick-witted
>and thick-skinned rather than empathetic and thoughtful", "where only
>the hardest and loudest prevail". Read the whole text in a rough and not
>yet finished translation into English on the bottom of this page:
>This document was written mainly because Linn, who unfortunately can't
>come to Brussels (?), just didn't give up and fought for Indymedia to be
>a place for her, too.
>It offers a lot to talk about since the situation of women and the
>general attitude in our media activist group seem to not be related but
>indeed they are. And this is not because women always need to have a
>cozy and loving atmosphere. I think we prefer a working environment that
>can be tough but that can also open up. I think the point is
>exclusiveness vs. inclusiveness.
>    * I think we need some ideas for some practical ideas. What will we
>do? Is it the Women-in-independent-media-summer camp?
>Women.indymedia.org? A documentary about women in different sections of
>activism? (PGA women have published a wonderful booklet like that). ...?

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