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  • Date: 28 Dec 2003 23:44:39 +0100

hi ladies,

for some reason this wonderful invitation didn't make it through to the
imc-women list and wasn't send yet to some more that might have
interested subscibers. i think it's a great idea and i hope to see many
of you in brussels in january!

berlin [not imc germany]

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> From: lize <lize@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: gca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> Subject: [GCA] Building up an 'out-of-standard' Media-(h)ac(k)tivist netw=
ork starring....
> Date: 26 Dec 2003 20:39:28 +0100
> Meeting of international female media-activists at the Digital days in
> Brussels (20-24 january, 2004)
> =20
> Hello girls !
> =20
> I am working for a project that every year organizes the =91Digital Days
> <http://www.digitales-online.org/> =92 (20-21-22-23 january 2004) a
> conference/festival of four days where female teachers & pupils of ICT,
> ICT professionals, artists, activists and academic researchers meet and
> share know-how, skills, abilities, experiences, dreams and questioning.
> The "Digital days" build out practical workshops, presentations of
> projects, research results, lectures and moments of informal, festive
> exchanges to encourage women to take up new media as a tool for their
> advancement in a patriarch world dominated by technology in the hands of
> man. [(continuously updated) program
> <http://www.digitales-online.org/2004/home.php>  of these =91Digitales
> Days=92 ]
> =20
> This year they asked me to invite some (media)activists and I think it
> is a good occasion to do outreach, to give an introduction on
> media-activism, to give workshops and to meet and brainstorm upon the
> female side of media(h)ac(k)tivism. Some of us have met on the recent
> European medialabs and hackmeetings and expressed the need to share our
> tools and experiences with women from different backgrounds.
> =20
> As the Digitales days are part of an ICT course for women seeking
> employment, the public will contain about 90 female pupils from
> different (ethnic) backgrounds. We want to present our activities and
> set up some workshops to share our know-how on making alternative media.
> We want to show and explain that participation in alternative media is a
> possibility to raise your voice and tell stories that elsewhere aren't
> heard. We think this feminist and multi-ethnical approach or emphasis is
> necessary to avoid media-activism turning into yet another political and
> ICT territory with a strong 'white&male' signature. The exchange of
> skills between international media-activists and the 180 participants of
> Digitales will undoubtedly encourage some of the present women to take
> up both media-activism and information technology in the struggle for
> the rights of women inside and outside Europe.
> =20
> To make media-activism appealing to large groups of women from different
> backgrounds we want to set up local and international workshops for and
> by women on different occasions : schools, women's assemblies, local
> women's days, but also at assembly meetings, international medialabs &
> hackmeetings, 'no border' camps & international and local social fora.
> By bringing our tools close to the public, we want to encourage women
> from different backgrounds to take up both media-activism and
> information technology in the struggle for the rights of women inside
> and outside Europe.
> =20
> We want to organize us in a network of female media-activists, so to
> specifically deal with the gender and minority question inside the
> media-activist movement. We think the presence of a strong female
> network will change the image of the =91white&male=92 media-activist
> movement and will encourage women from different backgrounds to join
> media-activsm.=20
> We also want to form a firm network to proceed on the domain of
> (women)(media)activism and the use of new technologies : networking,
> independent information channels through internet and the use of free
> software are essential tools to fight against the dominant neoliberal
> system that through privatization and undemocratic decisions is making
> more victims among women than among men.=20
> =20
> Indymedia <http://idaho.indymedia.org/news/2003/11/4699.php>  reported
> on gender discrimination within some collectives : several women
> complained about being silenced in meetings, some experienced open
> sexist behavior, many stated that there was a general atmosphere that
> made it hard for women to work within their indymedia group. We think a
> strong female network within the media-activist movement can act as a
> watchdog for gender & minority discrimination upon decision making
> procedures of various media activist groups. We also want to formulate
> concrete proposals for the reflection of the diversity (e.g. in relation
> to gender-, sexual-, spiritual-, and/or cultural-identity) within the
> different media-activist collectives.
> =20
> At the recent media-activist meetings in Paris and Geneva, we were
> convinced that the =91Digitales=92 event in Brussels is the ideal
> opportunity to come together and set up a network, because the =93Digital
> days=94 is offering us a setting in which we can not only talk and
> brainstorm but also immediately act : at the Digital days we can set up
> workshops and immediately reach the public we have in mind : women from
> different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Moreover, the setting of
> Digital days offers us the opportunity to make an open assembly on the
> gender issue, so to-be media-activists can participate in the decision
> making on our network, right from its birth.=20
> =20
> The "Digitales" meeting of women of the european media(h)ac(k)tivist
> movement will also be a first international meeting on "women in
> media-activism". We all want to know each other better and exchange
> skills and experiences in a setting that is not urging us to 'produce',
> but welcomes teaching, reflection, debate and the planning & organizing
> of future actions & meetings. With this first meeting we want to
> conceive a workgroup that could organize a larger international
> medialab/conference/festival inspired on Medialabs/Digitales. Such a
> meeting could bring together all European (cyber)feminists,
> (media)activists and to-be-activists during one event. In practice, we
> want to work out a concrete framework for organizing such an event as a
> counter-activity against the World Women's
> <http://www.redfeminista.org/forum2004.asp?id=3Dforum2004>  forum in
> Barcelona (29-30-31 july 2004), organized by the right wing Spanish
> government of J.M. Aznar, and at a possible European Social Forum on
> women=92s rights (proposed during the European Social Forum in Paris,
> December 2003).
> =20
> PROGRAM/AGENDA : International media-activists at Digitales (to be
> discussed, brainstormed upon=85. !)
> workshops & introduction to media-activism :
> *CandidaTV : At a first workshop participants will learn how to
> manipulate a digital videocamera and make their first shots.=20
> During a second workshop participants will learn how to download the
> shots from the digital videocamera on the computer and afterwards edit
> the shots to a comprehensive clip. The last phase is the compression of
> the clip and its uploading on an internet site.
> *Indymedia : The first part of the workshop gives an introduction to the
> Indymediasites and the working of Indymedia. What kind of information do
> you find on Indymedia ? How does this information appears on the sites ?
> How the sites are sustained ? Several international indymedia volunteers
> will explain everything by reports, articles, projects, footage that
> have their name on.=20
> During the second part of the workshop the participants are invited to
> take the tools at hand and launch themselves at media-activists by
> publishing a contribution on Indymedia. With the support of more
> experienced (indy)media-activists several teams will receive training on
> the basis of text, photo, audio and edito. A report on what, how and why
> of the =93Digital days=94 must be the proud result of the first Indymedia
> experience and an incentive to publish more contributions in the future
> and to collaborate with Indymedia for the reporting of bigger events.
> * Mujeres en red : Feminist Hacklab =91reality hacking=92 : in this works=
> the participants will learn how to use internet and free software to
> take up direct action for the rights of women=20
> * all other media-activists will show their site, explain their
> activities and encourage women to participate.
> =20
> reflection & debate
> * How can media-activism empower women to participate more into social,
> economical and political life ?
> * How can media-activism empower women in Information Technology related
> fields ?
> * Quantities : is participation of women in media-activism unbalanced ?=20
> * Qualities : are women 'specializing' in certain areas of
> media-activism ?
> * Networking and outreach : is the building up of networks between
> media(h)ac(k)tivists and the outreach towards 'newbies' a "women's
> affair" within the media(h)ac(k)tivist movement ?
> * Women's attitude : is there a "female" language - approach - regard on
> media-activism ?
> * Gender discrimination : Indymedia and P=E9n=E9lopes report discriminati=
> by individual men and a patriarchal atmosphere within the movement. What
> are the experiences within the broader european media(h)ac(k)tivist
> movement ?
> * Technology : Are women underrepresented in tech related issues of
> media-activism ? Is there a parallel/difference with the (under)presence
> of women in general Information Technology related fields ?
> * Solutions : how to deal with an unequal participation of women in
> media-activism ?=20
> =20
> planning&organising of future workshops&meetings :
> * Exchange of experiences of women's workshops on media(h)ac(k)tivism :
> local and international workshops at media&hacklabs, media(h)ac(k)tivist
> meetings, no border camps...
> * Overview of possible local and international events where we could
> build up 'female' medialabs
> * Conception of a possible program/contents of these 'feminized'
> media(h)ac(k)tivist workshops/events
> * Conception of a workgroup for organizing such an event
> =20
> *For those interested in coming over :=20
> Digital Days are taken place at 20(evening)-21-22-23 january 2004  in
> 1210 Brussels, Rue meridien 10,24,26 & 30. When digitales are finished,
> we are thinking on adding an extra brainstorming day at 24th January.
> If you want to come, send a mail to lize@xxxxxxxxxxxx, so she can
> reserve for accommodation (at a price of 9,5 euro a night) in a nice big
> youth hotel for groups where everybody will stay and where we can have
> additional brainstorming and meetings (internet connection available).=20
> I have prepared a dossier to ask for some funding of travel expenses but
> nothing is sure. Considering we get some money, it will only be a
> limited amount of money. As we would like to enable many interested
> women to participate in the meeting, i ask everybody to consider their
> financial possibilities and judge for themselves if they need financial
> compensation for the full amount of the ticket or a contribution to the
> ticket. Please indicate the concrete amount of money needed for
> travelcosts (for bus, train, plain tickets).
> =20
> *For those interested in remote participation :
> On 23/1 from 14-18H you will be able to follow and intervene our
> introduction&debate with the digitales public on IRC (server :
> irc.indymedia.org channel : #digitales)
> =20
> ** important **=20
> it would be great if anyone interested in building up this network could
> inscribe themselves  in the list of =93genderchangers=94 for
> organizing/brainstorming upon this meeting and future activities of this
> network. Please send a brief statement about yourself, explaining who
> you are, your interest and your possible contribution in the
> brainstorming of female mediactivism and in organizing future events.
> =20
> Please all inscribe upon :
> http://lists.genderchangers.org/listinfo/gca
> please send all your mails on the brainstorming and conceiving the
> agenda of digitales and the future of this network to :
>  <mailto:gca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> gca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> =20
> Hope to hear from you soon..
> Kind regards,
> Lize =96 Indymedia Belgium
> =20
> In collaboration with :=20
> Rossella&Marina =96 Samizdat net
> Nathalie =96 Chiennes de gardes
> Montse =96 Mujeres en red
> Marijuana&Tibi =96 Indymedia Italy
> Anna =96 Indymedia Germany
> Frenesi, kry, tura =96 CandidaTV
> Otted, lemon =96 New global vision
> And many more to come and join our network=85
> =20

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