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Hi Sonja,
Thanks for the interesting info.
About the photoos: the list doesn't take attachments so maybe you can
send them to people individually (I certainly would like to have them :)
and then if all agree I can put them online.
Cheers, Ingrid.

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something I thought some people here would find of interest:

Floss is a new project "Free/Libre/Open Source Software: Policy Support"
(FLOSSpols) was launched on March 1, 2004. FLOSS-POLS will work on three
=3D specific tracks: government policy towards open source; gender =
in =3D open source; and the efficiency of open source as a system for =
collaborative problem-solving.


I was at a workshop last week given by people from FLOSS (ha, all male =

I have made a list of links of projects and can mail it here to the list
=3D or just to those who want it.

Also i have two photos i took after the IT and Gender workshop last =3D
September. Should I email these here or those who ask me for them? I am
=3D happy for them to go onto a website if those in the photos are happy =
about this. I am. They are web-sized.

love sonja

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