[gecko-devel] Monthly Goals -- reached, to some extent

  • From: "Matthew J. Sahagian" <gent@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gecko-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 10:29:49 -0500

I'm proud to say that we HAVE reached our monthly goals, sorta.  The system has 
been booted, unfortunately only to a static tcsh shell.  the rc.S and 
rc.wrapper scripts are still incomplete because I can't test them, let me 
explain further.

The issue at hand at the moment is that the PHP and MySQL (supposedly static) 
binaries are not static.  WHY? you ask.  Well as with most applications I 
assumed CFLAGS and LDFLAGS of -static would get me static binaries, but this 
doesn't seem to be the case with PHP and MySQL, no matter what I try to do in 
terms of changes to the make file to specify them to compile statically they do 
not.  readelf -d php and readelf -d on all the mysql binaries do return a 
dynamic section for the binary with links to libc and libncurses and the such.  
This is an issue because without static linked binaries we're unable to start 
the mysqld server and run the php scripts on the bootable example.  Thus it's 
little more than a stock linux kernel booting to a static tcsh shell, nothing 
impressive at all.  If you haven't noticed I've been ignoring the website a bit 
as I work on it, but be told, progress continues.  I'll be updating it with 
monthly goals and the leftover goal of recoding Sys V as soon as possible, 
until then any suggestions on getting these two packages to compile static are 
welcomed.  I've searched high and low for a solution, my last attempts this 
week will be to e-mail the developers.

Lastly, the database has a minimal design necessary for the rc.wrapper script 
to function, the site hasn't been updated with the ability to view it because 
it resides on my development laptop -- this laptop is NOT where we will be 
designing our official or allowing people to mess with the sandbox database... 
it will be run on another system as soon as I can fix that system up to do what 
it needs to do.  Support and help is still greatly needed, I'm not sure about 
the state of sqlfs or sqlfsd or if Aaron is still even thinking/developing for 
us.  So until I hear responses otherwise we are once again cut to a one man 
team.  Since many of you who read this are simply interested in the project 
from a non-developer stand-point, I thank you for your geneal support and hope 
to have something good to offer you soon.

Project Goals for February include:

Add Package Management table to database
Create Package Management tools
Create a working package example for the C Library
Finish Sys V init fork
Release bootable example

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