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Hello again,

Thank you all for responding so quickly to the email sent out about last
night regarding the Nevada Organics Program Manager position.  Being that
The special legislative session begins tomorrow some members have
recommended that we include quick ways for our members to contact Senator
Horsford.  His phone number is 775-684-1429, let him know what an important
issue this is for Nevada and that we can't let our state's organic
certification program disappear.

Also, Tony Lesperance's (director of the Nevada Dept. of Agriculture) email
was spelled incorrectly in the last email.  The correct email for him is :

Direct your comments to Senator Horsford at shorsford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with a
copy to Lynn Hettrick at lchettrick@xxxxxxxxxx , and to NDOA director Dr.
Tony Lesperance.

There is information about the NDOA organics program and the potential for
the USDA to approve Round-up Ready Alfalfa in our state.  You can sign
letters at the co-op or refer to the online options in the info packet to
more quickly voice your opinion.

Thank you again for your time and concern,

Amber Sallaberry
Great Basin Community Food Co-op
(775) 324-2922 office
(775) 324-6133

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