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Hello Everyone,

In order to d*emonstrate our appreciation to our local growers*, the GBCFC
is holding a *"Love Your Farmer" dinner*. We are inviting 30 of our local
growers and will cook them a delicious meal while providing the opportunity
to relax and network.  The aim of this event is to show community support
and gratitude for one of this nation's most difficult occupations. As part
of the dinner, we are putting together gift bags for each of the attendees.

That is where our membership comes in - *we are looking for small gift items
and tokens of appreciation to put in the gift bags. *This could be a set of
knitted gloves or a hat, a gift certificate, artwork, flowers, recipe books,
etc. Anything that inspires your thankfulness for Northern Nevada growers!
Additionally, *we are looking for a cooking crew to help on the day of the
event. *We will be led by a local chef, and will spend 2-3 hours chopping,
stirring and creating!*  If you cannot help the day of, you can donate a
dessert item for the farmers to enjoy after dinner!*  Please email
meghan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx about donations or the cooking crew.

The co-op just started carrying Nutru's Vegan Omega-3 supplementation and
the Vegan DHA brain pack!!  Not only are they great for your mood and your
smarts but they are better for the environment. NuTru's O-Mega-Zen3® product
has been evaluated by the Environmental Defense Organization Oceans Program
as a Best Choice product based on testing carried out to certify that the
product does not contain mercury, PCBs, dioxins, or other similar
environmental contaminants.  Learn more here: www.nutru.com

*Special Order your locally-made RAW Valentine's Chocolates from Naturally
Nana by February 5th...coconut creme filled, caramel filled, almond butter
cups, chocolate covered cherries and more!!  To order contact Linda Clark at
(775) 747-3542 or email lrevlin123@xxxxxxxxxx  More info here:

Bring your co-op membership card to The Yogic Lounge and receive a $10
discount on our ten class cards. That's ten classes for $89.00. Schedule can
be found at www.theyogiclounge.com.  All questions can be directed to
Allison@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Viva independent businesses!

Save the Date for Reverse Aging's "Valentine's Day Expo, Dinner & Auction**"
on Saturday Feb. 6th, 2010 at the Boys and Girls Club 2680 East Ninth St.
Reno, NV 89510.  More info here: www.valentinesexpo.com

Local Gluten-Free Artisan Breads from Lattin Farms now available at the
co-op, come check out the weekly supply every Tuesday!!



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