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Hi Lindy,

It's a long time since I've been in touch but I've thought of you so often and 
wondered how you've coped with your stem cell transplant.  I do hope it was 
successful and that it has given you a lot of physical strength.

I have what will hopefully be my last chemo infusion in a couple of weeks time. 
 I must say I'm getting more tired as the time goes by but it's all for a good 
cause.  I'll be interested to see what the ensuing catscan shows.  When I've 
finished, my specialist wants me to go on a trial programme to have a 3-monthly 
treatment of Mabthera (Rituximab) which he feels helps keep one in remission 

Thanks for your encouragement.  I'd love to know how you're doing.

Cheers, Lorraine.
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  Hi Lorraine
  Sorry to hear of your setback. I started similar treatment nearly 4 years ago 
and still
  go into remission every time it comes back. In between I get about a year 
each time.
  So keep positive. I am sure they are close to a cure for blood cancer.
  I am back into hospital tomorrow for a month and hopefully that will be it 
for awhile.
  Best wishes for your treatment and I hope it is not too hard and you have a 
good outcome.
  Love Lindy

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  Hi Lindy,

  Yes, it certainly was a bummer of a Christmas.  Sorry to hear about your 
setback - and such an agressive one too - but I'm very pleased to hear you're 
back in remission.  I wish you every success with the steam cell transplant.  
What a great idea taking your own fridge into the hospital with you.  Don't we 
learn as we go along! 

  I've had a set back, too.  I've gone from no treatment (for lymphoma) to 
needing 6 chemo infusions, i.e. one every 3 weeks.  I feel I was very lucky  My 
thyroid was enlarged to a noticeable and troublesome extent and this led to 
various biopsies and tests showing that the cancer had taken off and was in the 
thyroid and other areas, too. I was in St. Vincent's Private and was so 
impressed with the team work and 'family' feel there that I am now under an 
oncologist there. He said it's not curable, but it's treatable. It will come 
back and they'll knock it on the head again. (My words, not his).  I have great 
faith in him and am more than happy with the way things have turned out for me. 
My main side effect from my first dose of chemo was extreme fatigue.  I guess 
age has something to do with this, too.  My second dose is on this coming 
Wednesday.  So I now have my Recipe for Life books out and am going through 
them again.  I looked up Cherrie's 'treats' and they look very nice.  Thanks 

  I send you every best wish, Lindy. Keep up your positive outlook.

  Sincerely, Lorraine.

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