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Hello everyone
Really appreciate update - tried to meditate more as we did in february  - 
during those five days -   thinking of the incredible power of the group and 
our leaders and the focus.
Like Bruce was thinking of you and wondering how it went.
Sending you all a big Hi there!
With Love
Cherrie and Colin

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Hi Bruce.   Yes we all attended along 
with John from NZ.   From my personal perspective I didn't get that 
much more out of it other than a deeper understanding of the meditation.  I 
chose not to sit in on some of the topics as I have had enough of being on that 
emotional rollercoaster.    I thought the food was just soooo 
much better than in February.  I have to admit to you, that everytime when 
I looked across at that table that you and Deb sat at, along with Tom and 
Gerald, it did make me feel sad. During the time of Deb's funeral we were in 
meditation sanctuary and I did say a prayer for Deb, you and your 
 Ian spent a lot of  time with the 
group and as you are no doubt aware he retires at the end of the year. He has 
the satisfaction of knowing that his presence on this earth has made a 
difference!   It was really good to spend sometime with Patti, Richard and 
John who have gone back home with lots more direction and 
information.   Hope all is going as well as can be expected 
under the circumstances ...sending you a BIG hug and all good karma your 
way.  God bless.   Stella and Howard xoxo

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  follow-up course at the Gawler Centre?

  I know that Patti, 
  Richard, Stella and Howard were going to attend the 5-day follow up course, 
  but did anyone else make it and how did it all go?
  (How about a brief 
  report guys ... was it a worthwhile follow-up? Did you learn new things 
Brrr... its getting cold out there Find someone to snuggle up with

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