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  • Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 19:44:23 +1000

Hi All,

Thanks Bruce for your Easter email.  I'd like to add my Easter wishes, albeit a 
little late but none-the-less sincere, to say that I've been thinking of 
everyone, particularly those of us who are experiencing Easter for the first 
time after have lost a loved one.  I also add my best wishes to those of us who 
are still working towards maintaining our health.  This, too, remains quite a 

Warm regards,
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  Hi everyone,

  The list has gone quiet of late so this is just to touch base with you all 
and to wish you the very best for Easter.

  I know many on the list have difficulty with these key times of the year 
because of their personal battles with their health or because of the loss of a 
loved one, so please remember that the list is here and all the list members I 
know are only too happy to have a chat, lend an ear, a shoulder or even a bed, 
and if you choose the right time, you can probably even get a free coffee out 
of some.

  Please keep the recipes, event notifications, health tips etc coming. It 
really does help to stay connected, particularly with those who truly 
understand what you are going through and who don't prejudge.

  So hang in there guys and make the most out of the long weekend. May you all 
find some light, some peace and love, or some good fishing (or all of the 

  Love and best wishes,


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