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  • From: Tristan Buono <trbuono@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "gatamembers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <gatamembers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 08:18:38 -0400

Hi Susanne, 
Thanks so much for writing to me. Do you know who would be the best person to 
contact about the position at Georgia Regional Hospital? I look forward to 
meeting you at a GATA event in the future.

All the best,

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> On Aug 11, 2014, at 4:43 PM, "Creating Mandalas" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:
> Hi Tristan,
> Welcome to Atlanta! Re: jobs: there may be an opening working with adults at 
> Georgia Regional Hospital in Atlanta.
> Re: LPC, I'm not familiar with the master's specialist category. I would 
> suggest you go ahead with the application for LAPC (entry level LPC) while 
> you are living close to the people who will have to sign your forms. 
> Good luck with your transition,
> Susanne Fincher
>> On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 4:35 PM, Tristan Buono <trbuono@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello, my name is Tristan Buono and I am an art therapist and child life 
>> specialist currently living and working in New York City. I am moving to 
>> Atlanta, GA this fall with my fiancé who is being relocated to Atlanta for 
>> work. I have recently joined GATA and I am looking forward to participating 
>> in GATA events once I move to Atlanta. 
>> I would be happy to speak to any GATA members about how to go about looking 
>> for employment opportunities for art therapists in the Atlanta area. If 
>> anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction it would 
>> be much appreciated.  I graduated with my MPS in Art Therapy from the School 
>> of Visual Arts in New York in 2010. After graduation I did an intensive 
>> summer internship in child life at Hackensack University Medical Center in 
>> New Jersey and became a certified child life specialist. Since 2010 I have 
>> been working at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases with pediatric 
>> inpatients and outpatients as a child life specialist and art therapist.  
>> This past month I completed my client contact and supervision hours for my 
>> ATR and sent in my ATR paperwork for processing to the Art Therapy 
>> Credential Board. I should have my ATR by the time I move to Atlanta. If 
>> you'd like to learn more about my professional background please feel free 
>> to look at my Linkedin profile at: 
>> https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=31864716&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic
>> I also have some questions about GA licensure for art therapists. It seems 
>> that many art therapists in your area have an LPC. Having a masters degree 
>> that was strictly from an art therapy program, not an art therapy and 
>> counseling program, is it possible to obtain the LPC licensure? I tried 
>> contacting the GA LPC board to ask them about my specific educational 
>> requirements but was told that I need to apply for the license before the 
>> board could tell me if I qualify and meet the educational requirements.  
>> Does anyone have experience with this? If yes, do you know if an art 
>> therapist would apply for the LPC under the master's or master's specialist 
>> category? My other questions is, is it possible to take additional courses 
>> to qualify for the LPC license and if yes does anyone have a recommendation 
>> on where to complete extra graduate level courses?
>> Thanks so much in advance for any guidance anyone could provide to me.  I 
>> look forward to being apart of the GATA community once I move to Atlanta.
>> All the best, 
>> Tristan Buono
>> trbuono@xxxxxxxxxxx

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