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Yes, welcome to Atlanta Tristan!  I look forward to meeting you at a future 
GATA event.  
We have learned that the professional licensing boards are somewhat 
underfunded, and undergoing some imposed restrictions.  Am not sure what the 
new requirements for LPC are, or when they are going to be implemented, -- I 
know this was discussed at last LPCA conference.  The LPCA website (lpcaga.org) 
has lots of info on this, and their executive director seems to be really 
helpful.  I just checked their site, and they have a link for licensure info, 
and provide a variety of licensure consultations for a fee, including reviewing 
your application before being submitted.
You are welcome to connect with me as well, at rainingatl@xxxxxxxxx.
Best wishes,

Jannah Goodell

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> Welcome to Atlanta, Tristan! Feel free to contact me via e-mail or you can 
> call. Georgia has a wonderful community of Art Therapists!
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> Subject: [gatamembers] Re: hello, I'm a new GATA member 
> Hello, my name is Tristan Buono and I am an art therapist and child life 
> specialist currently living and working in New York City. I am moving to 
> Atlanta, GA this fall with my fiancé who is being relocated to Atlanta for 
> work. I have recently joined GATA and I am looking forward to participating 
> in GATA events once I move to Atlanta. 
> I would be happy to speak to any GATA members about how to go about looking 
> for employment opportunities for art therapists in the Atlanta area. If 
> anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction it would be 
> much appreciated.  I graduated with my MPS in Art Therapy from the School of 
> Visual Arts in New York in 2010. After graduation I did an intensive summer 
> internship in child life at Hackensack University Medical Center in New 
> Jersey and became a certified child life specialist. Since 2010 I have been 
> working at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases with pediatric inpatients and 
> outpatients as a child life specialist and art therapist.  This past month I 
> completed my client contact and supervision hours for my ATR and sent in my 
> ATR paperwork for processing to the Art Therapy Credential Board. I should 
> have my ATR by the time I move to Atlanta. If you'd like to learn more about 
> my professional background please feel free to look at my Linkedin profile 
> at: 
> https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=31864716&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic
> I also have some questions about GA licensure for art therapists. It seems 
> that many art therapists in your area have an LPC. Having a masters degree 
> that was strictly from an art therapy program, not an art therapy and 
> counseling program, is it possible to obtain the LPC licensure? I tried 
> contacting the GA LPC board to ask them about my specific educational 
> requirements but was told that I need to apply for the license before the 
> board could tell me if I qualify and meet the educational requirements.  Does 
> anyone have experience with this? If yes, do you know if an art therapist 
> would apply for the LPC under the master's or master's specialist category? 
> My other questions is, is it possible to take additional courses to qualify 
> for the LPC license and if yes does anyone have a recommendation on where to 
> complete extra graduate level courses?
> Thanks so much in advance for any guidance anyone could provide to me.  I 
> look forward to being apart of the GATA community once I move to Atlanta.
> All the best, 
> Tristan Buono
> trbuono@xxxxxxxxxxx

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