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What a well written letter with great examples. I did note one typo in this
sentence in the second paragraph of the proposed email: (thus
re-traumatizing them and brining up memories of war) Should be "bringing"

I plan to send some emails, thanks for making this easy. Best. ~jenny

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 3:29 PM, Teresa Woodruff <teresa@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi GATA Members,

As you know, we are trying to obtain licensure for art therapists in
Georgia. We need everyone’s help. Congress goes back in session in January.
We would love to have reached as many Senators and Representatives as
possible by then. Each county or district has at least one senator and one
representative. Please help us by contacting them on behalf of GATA. Send
them an email


1. Find at least one senator and one representative to email.

Visit this site to find your local senators:

Visit this site to find your local representatives:

2. Send an email such as this one below.

Hi Senator Hill,

I am a member of the Georgia Art Therapy Association, and we are seeking
licensure for art therapists to ensure the safety of the public and prevent
unqualified individuals from doing harm.

Our ethics department has been aware of several instances of unqualified
individuals claiming to provide art therapy services and harming children,
such as by having victims of sexual abuse trace each other's bodies in
close proximity, having veterans use sand in art-making (thus
re-traumatizing them and brining up memories of war), and not recognizing
signs of serious mental illness displayed in art. Therefore, clear
requirements to claim expertise as a Licensed Professional Art Therapist
needs to be established in Georgia Law in order to protect the public from
the risks of unauthorized practitioners. Several other states have
established such standards and licensure, such as: New York, Kentucky, New
Mexico, Mississippi, and more.

We believe the best route for this may be to contact the Composite Board
for Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists directly
by writing a letter petitioning the Board to add Art Therapy as one of the
professions they regulate.

I would welcome any support, advice, or assistance that you could give.

Please let me know if we can schedule a time to meet or have a brief phone
call. I truly appreciate your time.


3. Report back to us. It is typical that senators and
representatives will set up a brief phone call or meeting. Suzanne and I
would be happy to be part of it with you (if you want).

I spoke with Senator John Albers today. He was extremely encouraging (and
friendly). He believes that we have a great case and music therapy’s
licensure should help us. He also stated that the dentists in Georgia have
one dentist that is assigned to two or three congressmen and are constantly
in contact every couple months (taking them out to coffee, or sending them
emails). Then when they want bills passed, they are fresh in the minds of
the congressmen. We want to be like this!

Thank you for your help.


Teresa Woodruff, LPC, ATR-BC, CPCS


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