[gameprogrammer] RE: [gameprogrammer] Về Việc: [gameprogrammer] Re: Does anyone have ZFXEngine source code?

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  • Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 12:27:14 -0600

What version are you speaking of, the book has 3 editions I believe.  I have 
the first book and sourcecode.  Although, I understand the later editions, and 
sourcecode is a more complete engine, and example game with the engine.  I will 
try my best to get you the image of the CD, as I am opening up a website for 
our game company, and also devoting to providing game utils, free, and pointing 
you to cheap tools with links as well.  We area also going to provide faqs, 
tutorials, and a forum, and a chatroom, hopefully people will take advantage of 
our site, and help it to grow as well, we are setting up content repositories, 
for models, textures, ideas, even tools people have written and want others to 
help beta test.


The url is already procured, I am going to be setting up Joomla on it sometime 
today, and will try to get it updated with content and the info about the cd 
image as soon as possible.


The URL Will be http://www.mirrovisionstudios.com/


I will post another email when the site is ready to go.


Thanks for everything guys,


Ken aka StOrM3



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i've tried but google shows nothing

Chris Nystrom <cnystrom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2/10/07, pham xuan hai wrote:
> I'm learning to program game engine. I got the "3D Game Engine Programming"
> ebook but without source code. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.

Have you tried a google search?


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