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  • From: Jake The Snake Briggs <jacob_briggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gameprogrammer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 09:02:49 +1300

This list has been pretty quite for a while now :( Since this is my last 
day where i am able to use the internet properly, I thought i would wish 
everyone a happy christmas, and a most fun NYE. My Christmas plans are thus:
A) Go to Oamaru (halfway down the south island of New Zealand) to see my 
Girlfriends parents for a few days. So I have to drive for 9 hours 
tomorrrow, plus 4 hours on the ferry, plus 1 hour fucking around either 
side. So its a _really_ long drive....

B) Shoot over to Wanaka to see my parents and the rest of my whänau for 
a few days. Wanaka is awesome this time of year. Well, its always 
awesome, snowboarding in the winter, playing in the lake and getting 
sunburnt to a crisp in summer. I must remember my sunblock....

C) Cruise on up to Nelson to hang out with a bunch of dirty hippies on 
top of Takaka hill (Canaan downs, the old Gathering site, for any NZ'ers 
on this list). We have a smallish outdoors dance party to attend. Its a 
no BYO alcohol event, this is to keep the idiots away. They were going 
to have a bar on site, but they couldnt get the licence or something. I 
spent a NYE in town last year for the first time in 7 years, what a 
bunch of drunkin pigs. Not that i am opposed to alcohol :), i am still 
nursing a hangover from last nights work dinner....

D) Limp back to Wellington, and work. Hopefully relaxed after my 

Whats everyone else up to?

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