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  • From: "Peter M." <plm@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 07:54:04 -0800

Anom wrote:

what i thought is, by using a camera phone can we grab the image
received from the camera each time and compare it? so if the player
move the camera to the right so the cursor move to the right too. Or
any other solution better??

I don't know which ones, but I have heard that some games are doing that now. If you find any names, please let us know. Sounds basically like using the camera as a kind of optical mouse. From what I've seen of the phones out there (I'm a mobile game programmer, mostly J2ME), my guess is that only fairly high end ones would have enough CPU for this. Also watch out for phones that don't allow applications to access the camera for "security" reasons.

Peter M

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