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  • From: Robbert de Groot <zekaric@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 12:37:23 -0400 (EDT)

Computer learning is much more difficult than just typical game AI. 
A complicated learning algorithm will incorporate "Neural Networks"
with "Fuzzy Logic" or "Genetic Algorithms" or something along those

In your case you have rather specific and limit decision options for
each situation.  The computer can weight each decision so that the
next time it will reject decisions that were bad and favor decisions
that proved good.  This learning isn't much more difficult to add
over the normal game AI but it does add a bit more work.  It won't be
as impressive as a pure learning algorithm which could be really hard
to make depending on what it is that it is trying to learn.

However players may be able to 'game' the computer logic by letting
the computer succeed with certain decisions so that the computer will
favor those decisions over others.  As a result the player could take
advantage at a later point in time when the computer will most likely
make one decision over another.

Computer learning isn't easy.  I remember seeing not too long ago a
simple screen saver of a 4 legged 3D object learning to 'walk'.  It
was a neat little program but probably not that simple in the end and
it took the computer some time to actually learn to walk.  

Another idea would be to simulate a mouse in a maze.  Let the
computer be the mouse and have it learn how to find the exit. 
"Genetic Learning" works ok for this but it should show you how hard
it can be.

--- Yasser Gonzalez Soto <yassergs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> My idea for a IA in a Fighting game  or Shooting game is this:
> Fighting Game
> Player punches CPU. CPU Learn block or Dodge any punch move.
> Player Kicks CPU. CPU lear block or Dodge any move
> Player puches cpu cpu blocks
> PLayer kicks CPU CPU blocks
> Player try to punch CPU. CPU attack first.
> My idea is make something for CPU keep learning every variant of
> Player move.
> And whit a Shoot'em up:
> 1st time: I shoot A.
> 2nd time:I shoot A but A rolls left and I fail. Them I aim to left
> an Shoot A.
> Do you understand what I mean???

Robbert de Groot

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