<FWG> (USS Meridian) "The New Right Hand"

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From the USS Meridian...
  "The New Right Hand"
  by Rear Admiral Kyle Pierce
  & Commander Anthony Manson
  So many names, so many credentials, so many qualified people for the job. 
Kyle had sorted through endless amounts of PADDS, personnel reports, and 
commendation notations all in the name of finding himself the most intelligent, 
brash, and capable job to be his second in command. Needless to say, Kyle had 
gone through seemingly three hundred applicants that were all the same.
  One name, however, caught his eye: Commander Anthony Manson. He was a young 
kid, but not too young. He had a delicate face, but not too delicate. He had 
the credentials, but it wasn't the cleanest. He didn't really know why he had 
authorized Manson's transfer, but he had and he wasn't going to regret it. Or 
so he hoped. 
  The chime on his door rang. Glancing at his chronometer, Kyle smirked. One 
minute early, I like that. "Enter!" He called, settling into his desk. It was 
  Anthony walked in, hands behind his back and stood beside the empty seat. 
Until offered, he wasn't going to just take a seat, something itched that if he 
did the whole review would be gone to hell in a hand basket. But, not to be 
rude, Anthony gave a small smile, a polite nod, and a simple greeting, "Good 
morning, Admiral."
  "You want the job?" 
  He raised his eyes a little, "Yes, yes I do." 
  Kyle stood, smiling and offering his hands. "It's yours. Welcome aboard, 
Commander, I look forward to working with you." 
  Anthony grinned then, taking the Admiral's hand and gave a firm shake. "Thank 
you, sir." There was a momentary silence then, but Anthony lifted it, "What's 
our current mission?"
  "Finish repairs, for starters," the Admiral said, easing back into his chair 
and offering his new executive officer the other. "Then we've been asked to go 
patrol some border planets that are currently not the site of a battlefield. 
Given our present situation, that leaves like two. Uninhabited and out of the 
way. Easy stuff." 
  Anthony nodded, "I'll have the sensors modified, extend it a lightyear more 
or so. And the short range sensors could use a boost..." He ran a list in his 
head for things Operations could do. They were efficient, but it didn't rule 
out that he found things that could use improvements. "Looks like I've got a 
plateful, kinda sucks when your background is Operations," he half joked.
  "I've got a tactical background myself. That's why our ship is the flagship 
of the third fleet." Kyle jested in return. "We should be okay, just stretching 
our new legs with our new crew. We've got a lot of them after what happened. 
I'm sure they'll be looking to you as an example for how they expect to be 
treated by new crew." 
  Anthony nodded, "Understood. Is there anything else you needed done 
  "No, not at the moment. It'll be a couple of days before we are prepared to 
leave. And, even then, it's about two weeks out to the lines. For now, just get 
settled, meet the people, and fit in." Smirking, Kyle knew just how hard that 
was, but was sure that the young commander was more than capable of that small 
task if he could command a starship. "We'll call a department head meeting the 
day of our launch for all the formalities." 
  Anthony nodded and stood up, "Shall do, if there's anything else, I'll go get 
acquainted with the crew."

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