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Missing The Good Old Days
  By Anita Tessasohn
  Tim was a despicable man and I had the unfortunate luck of "entertaining him" 
for four hours now. He took a liking to my constant "snide," "witty," remarks 
and, just on that, it wasn?t hard to get him into a private room. The room we 
were in had a larger-than-king size bed, the mini bar and a table with two 
seats, almost like a normal hotel room. The difference was the filth. Now I was 
standing an arm?s length away from him, I had another chance to take a good 
look at him. My problem was forcing a cringing reaction, and the second was 
that he took my look entirely the wrong way. Typical. 
  I must?ve been caught up making curses in my head for this song of a pig that 
I didn?t hear what Tim said, but his breath filled the empty space between us, 
and it smelled like processed alcohol that churned in the stomach for too long. 
When I looked up, Tim?s lips formed to a cruel sneer and his eyes reflected the 
same attitude as he looked down into my blouse.
  I had to distract myself before I whipped out my knives and ended his 
pathetic existence here and now. It wasn?t easy, I had to think . . . happy 
thoughts. Gag me. But I did and realized that if Tim laid off the booze, he?d 
almost make a good-looking man. If he shaved, took a long bath followed by a 
hair cut. Oh, and change the attitude and his choice in life, which ranged from 
bad debts to smuggling, I just couldn?t wait to bury his hatchet, and the sad 
part was that I couldn?t unless he became too much of a threat. 
  I miss the good old days.
  When he looked at me, I smiled and closed the distance, hands ghosting over 
his face and pushed him to a chair by the table. I looked into his eyes, Timmy 
had naughty ideas and his pupils burned like a black ocean set on fire. 
  He made some comment I didn?t bother catching other than the ending with 
"sweet cheeks." Immediately, half a dozen remarks came into my head but I 
stayed quiet. His hands grabbed my waist, rubbing just a little too hard, and 
he looked as though he was ready to kiss me. I kept my smile, arms now wrapped 
loosely around his neck and my legs apart so I could sit on his lap. That was a 
mistake because my skin was beginning to itch. Just keep up the act, I reminded 
myself, everything will be over soon.
  He decided to make his move and I shifted my head away. A playful smile 
forming to defuse the sudden anger and rejection forming in those anticipatory 
eyes, "No hun," I said lightly, tapping his chest that ended with a trail that 
moved down to his abdomen, "Not yet."
  "Why the hell not?" Tim grumbled, rubbing at my waist, doing more with his 
eyes than his hands.
  "I need a . . ."
  The doors wisped open then, the sound of it catching both our attentions as a 
man walked in. He had a leather jacket on with a black shirt that might as well 
have been painted on. And a shit eating grin like no other. Great, just god 
damn great.
  I moved off Tim and patted his hand like taming some puppy who just had his 
territory invaded. A rumble came out of his throat and I walked over to our new 
  Coming near inches of him, I looked up and my face had to show just how 
unhappy I was, because that shit eating grin began reforming and those perfect 
eyes finally hit with the sense he long ago needed. 
  "Alex," I said quietly, "What the hell are you doing here?"
  "This is my client," Alex replied.
  "I don?t think so, this one?s mine."
  "No, he?s mine."
  "I?ve been workin? this fuck for hours! You can?t just come in here and take 
over," I hissed back. Turning around, Tim was still seated with his arms 
crossed and tapping his feet. I gave a sympathetic smile, "Sorry, sweets, just 
let me show this guy out."
  I was pushing Alex out of the room quickly while he busied himself with 
smacking my hand away. I was just one decision from breaking his hand, but that 
would ruin the whole night and I might kill Tim just to let loose my 
  "Actually, he?s on time."
  That stopped me, and I could only picture that grin on Alex?s face again. I 
wasn?t going to give him the benefit of seeing my face. My attention was on Tim 
now, "didn?t know you swing that way."
  "Oh, I don?t, but there?s something about two whores that get me all . . ."
  This time I did look at Tim. No way, no way was I going to fuck this guy 
while Tim watched. It had all sorts of wrong, but Alex didn?t seem to think so. 
First off, the guy was young. He was a whore, and he wasn?t very bright. 
  Maybe the bright part was a bit cruel, but his choices in life weren?t 
exactly peachy. And he?s a whore. I don?t do whores, and despite what everyone 
in this room was thinking, I?m not one. I turned to look at Alex, and he had an 
uncertain look, he wasn?t entirely comfortable with Tim watching his fantasies 
come true.
  "Once you?re done with her, I?ll have my go. You?ll be paid the equal amount 
she gets."
  That did it. I wasn?t going to stand here and work out something agreeable. 
If I killed him, no one would miss Tim, and I?d have to threaten Alex to shut 
his mouth. Don?t know why I decided to spare Alex, maybe he deserved to see it, 
to see the harsh reality that it was either the whore or the client that might 
die one fine night just as they?re rolling about like weasels.
  I smiled, punching the carpet like stab wounds with my sharp heels. Tim mouth 
fell a little open, eyes completely locked on me as I splayed my hands over my 
breasts and kicked his feet wider. I sunk to my knees and Tim had his hands in 
my hair while he leaned forward with all the intention to get what he paid for.
  I kissed Tim, it was better than seeing him free a hand from being tangled in 
my hair while he unzipped his jeans. He wasn?t a kisser at all, too drunk and 
horny to even make it half pleasant. He stopped kissing me, pulling me away 
from his mouth and trying to guide me to his penis. 
  The butt of my right knife struck him at the temple while I shoved his arm 
away. Immediately I had the second knife close to his dick. The right knife was 
settled into the tiny dip at the neck. It was so tempting, just a little push, 
that?s all it would take.
  "Jesus, what the fuck are you doing!?" Alex began to move. I rolled my eyes, 
the kid really needed a lesson in common sense.
  "You move," I stared at Tim, "Or another step from you, Alex, and the jewels 
  Tim was breathing heavily now, eyes wide and his body tense he could be 
broken into two. 
  "Take it easy, Karen. We can leave and . . ."
  "No," I smiled at this pale man, "I want your money, all of it."
  "Alex, take the money."
  "Hell no! You can?t just . . ."
  "Take the fucking money, or I swear his balls won?t be the only one that gets 
  Alex was moving faster than light speed to the discarded jacket on the bed. A 
few tiny clinking and clanking and Alex finally answered, "I?ve got them."
  "You say anything to anybody and I?ll kill you. Got that, Timmy dear?"
  He couldn?t give me a straight answer now, so scared he was going to lose his 
precious equipment. I leaned forward then, whispering into Tim?s ear, "I know 
everything about you, Tim. I know what you are, what you do, and all it takes 
is a nice bullet from a safe distance to end your miserable life. You?ll be 
smart to find the next transport off No Hope."
  I moved my knives away, and Tim stayed perfectly still while I backed off and 
sensed Alex right behind me. "Out the door, Alex."
  Alex walked out and I kept my eye on Tim. Last I needed was Tim looking for a 
weapon to shoot us. The doors wisped closed and Alex hissed at me, "What the 
hell were you thinking!?"
  "Oh, so I?m supposed to give him a blowjob while you stand there and watch. 
So I?m not only his whore, but your whore also? Fuck you!" I pushed him against 
the wall, "Give me the fucking credits."
  He didn?t try anything, smart man. Alex handed me half the amount. "The whole 
thing, you shit."
  "Oh come on, Karen, I need ta eat too."
  "Fine, but don?t get in my way again." I gave up a third, more than fair, all 
too generous. 
  I walked off, time to find another client for tomorrow night, and the next, 
until the Shadowdancer came: My newest assignment. Coming near three weeks now, 
I didn?t expect to have Alex like some child to take of while I waited. I 
wondered what he was going to do when I was gone. A sudden rush of worry like 
he meant something to me. I walked a little faster. 
  "Hey, Karen."
  "What?" I said, not stopping.
  "Where we gonna eat?"
  I sighed, Alex had this hopeful look that yearned for . . . what? Acceptance? 
Forgiveness? Someone to be with so he wouldn?t be alone on this godforsaken 
station? What a man he is, but a part of me couldn?t blame him if needing 
someone was the case. 
  I shrugged, "Don?t know, Alex, you choose."

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