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It Never Happened
  by Dan Manson & Bella Valentine
  It was all a blur. Big fat blobs making horrendous sounds and violent tremors 
like those of small earthquakes.  The floor boards were breaking, the noise was 
getting louder, and the blur was becoming painfully sharp.  Dan opened his eyes 
and cringed immediately, turning to his side and holding his head.  The image 
hadn't faded, there was an elephant dance contest being held in his head. 
Anytime now, Dan was sure his skull would implode, all it took was another hard 
  Supporting his head, Dan slowly got up, pushing the blanket away, groaning 
with certainty the elephants were on overtime.  He made a new rule right there: 
 He wasn't going to drink, ever, again.
  "Cold..." Bella mumbled, pulling the covers back over her body. Her naked 
  Dan looked over, sure of himself that he misheard the familiar voice.  But he 
didn't, it was female, very much like... He head whipped over so fast, Dan's 
whole body went with the motion, falling over the bed. Bella wasn't the only 
one naked, "Shit shit shit!"
  His hands were on automatic search and his fingers found the pair of jeans 
discarded at the edge of the bed.  Pulling his pants up, he fumbled to button 
his jeans and shook the girl's feet, "Bella! Bella! Get your ass up!" 
  "Cold..." she said again, turning over. "AAaaaagh!" On her feet in two 
seconds wrapped in blankets, Bella was frantic. "Oh my... oh my fuck. No! No 
fuck. Damndamnfuckinghellwhat is this?" 
  She glanced up at Dan, then immediately to the floor realising he wasn't 
entirely covered yet. 
  "You tell me!" Dan shot back, pulling his shirt over his head. "All I 
remember is drinks, lots of chat, and then dropping you off to bed!" 
  He walked around frantically, trying to find his shirt, "Lights! 5 percent! 
Put something on, Bella!" 
  "You're looking at me!" She screamed, immediately regretting it as the pain 
in her head she was previously unaware of decided to make its presence known. 
"Oh god." Hand to forehead, Bella bent over to quell the nausea rising. 
  Dan walked around the small bedroom, careful not to twist his head too fast 
as he searched for Bella's clothes. His head was just a few wrong turns from 
making his headache a whole lot worse.  He slowed down, finding the shirt by 
the door, and the pants near the bathroom, he gathered them up and threw them 
to Bella's feet.
  "Get dressed, Bella," Dan said firmly. When she made no move, he nearly 
yelled, "Now!" 
  "Trying not to puke, okay?" Forced into calmer state by suppressing the urge 
to vomit, Bella was still looking at the floor. She groaned, "Oh god, it's 
starting to come back to me now." 
  Dan was already seated on the edge of the bed, running his hands through his 
hair, "None of it happened. You got that, Bella? This can't get out of this 
room. Not a word." 
  Bella sank into the floor still wrapped in her blanket cocoon. "How could 
you... I mean, I... we... gah!" She punctuated her words with a shiver. 
  Dan walked over, knelt and held her by the shoulders, forcing Bella to look 
up at him. "This didn't happened, we keep it to ourselves, got it? If we tell 
anyone, Micah, or or," Dan hesitated, "Nate, what do you think they will do?" 
  "Don't touch me!" Reflex made her recoil and his touch brought immediate 
flashes of hot and heavy kisses... images of Dan on top of her... Again she 
  Out of breath, she replied, "Yeah, I know, I mean I don't know 'cause no one 
woulda ever saw this one comin' and I swear I never wanted or looked at you 
like, well, you know, that... other than that day we met but that don't really 
count 'cause I was under stress and just a kid and trying, you know, to act all 
big and bad but I wouldn't've really gone through with any of those things I 
whispered in your ear or nuthin', I swear. I didn't, don't, want. Oh god, 
you're like my dad's wife or something. I think I'm gonna be sick." 
  "Bella, shit girl, you're blabbering! And yeah, I get it, how do you think I 
feel?"  Dan rose to his feet and backed away to the other side of the wall, 
"But we're clear on this, right? Right, Bella?" 
  "I know... I ... right. Okay. Get dressed. Got it. Turn around." Head 
pounding, heart racing, Bella slipped into her clothes from the night before 
and sat on the edge of the bed, depression settling down upon her shoulders. 
  Dan stayed where he was, arms crossed and looking down. "I have no damn clue 
what to do."  
  "I don't know what to think anymore. This is craziness. We were just 
talking... " She closed her eyes against the tears burning there. "Poor Nate. 
It don?t matter what he did, he doesn?t deserve none of this. I feel so damn 
  "You me both, Bella," Dan replied with an empty tone.  He pushed himself from 
the wall and made his way out, "Get yourself better, we'll need you on the 
bridge soon."  

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