<FWG> <Patronus> Issue 2, Article 4: "Upward and Otherwise"

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  Upward and Otherwise
  by Varia
  When he awoke he could still see its face, the jet eyes and the bony, 
infuriated cheeks and lips, as the spike drove through his spine a million 
times over, all crammed into a millisecond that passed with the lifting of his 
lids. He would have jarringly sat up had his insides felt perfectly in place. 
The sweat on his brow was the teardrop collection of his ailing head, and his 
teeth tingled. All the bitter sensations came to him straight away, but the 
first real thought Varia had was the lack thereof below his waist. 
  Achingly he craned his neck up and looked down at his bare legs that were two 
pieces of driftwood finally at rest on a gray beach. The spike. It didn?t take 
long for Varia to put the puzzle together as to why he felt only his top half, 
and the beauty in the world sank into unknowing ground. 
  Taking in a breath, he tried to move his feet, just a twitch; an inch to 
either side would do. When nothing occurred, he tried again, and again, and 
again. A childish temper shielded behind his forehead, and he felt like crying, 
gritting his teeth, and screaming. Wildly he tapped and slapped the edges of 
the biobed,  but his feet were stone. Letting loose, he let his head fall back 
and he cursed the ceiling, or whatever manifestation resided in the ambiguous 
  The tension in his drug-softened body took his breath during his fit, so he 
lay there trying to catch it and fight off un-Vulcan tears. Visions of a 
troubled future filtered into him, having to roll here and roll there. He knew 
the difficulties of spinal surgeries even when time allowed a patient to get a 
specialist, and they were in the woods with this Metriaga place. So he brooded 
even more, seeing himself sitting at his wedding (should there have been one), 
sitting at his parents funerals, always having a soulless caregiver to feed him 
and change his pants.
  An hour later, Aylyn Cta would discover him awake, and would attack him with 
medical questionnaires until he was blue. Then she?d tell him about the 
meeting. And why.
  An hour later, Varia would have someone to blame.
  But now, he just lay, fully forgetting his Vulcan fortitude and letting the 
tears come. Now, he was an infant, confused and cursing the cold, cruel 
reality, when before, everything had been peaceful. Had the Admiral not forced 
him to come, he would have been fine. But that would have left anyone else as 
candidates for impalement, and for them there might not have been a prompt 
rescue. So it was, that Varia accepted his fate, as he could have been the only 
one to take it. Now was his time to feel that his paralysis may have saved 
lives in the Otherwise.
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